March 11, 2014

My Support System…

Since the start of my hair journey my biggest support has been my fiancé Kevin and my Mom.  After all the research I had done, I was ready to start looking for products from various beauty supply shops especially to find who has it the cheapest.

Kevin & I spent about 3-4 hours in Bridgetown walking up and down and left and right to find what product I really wanted to try out first.  He has endured through the constant talk about this person’s blog or product and the amount of time I spend doing all of those stuff.  When he comes over by me and sees me on the computer he immediately says "you are looking at hair right” I smile and he knows exactly what that means and now he says I’m obsessed lol. 
He understands that I have to spend time with my hair doing my regimen and I love him for it, but I don’t let my hair get in between spending time with him.

My mom on the other hand says I am obsessed as well and when she see Wednesday evening I rush home (co-wash days back in the day) she says “you doing your hair again didn't you just do your hair on Sunday”.
On Sunday morning I like to start my hair early so that by 11.00am I can be air-drying and relax for the rest of the day but once she hears me wake up she says "oh geesh hair again".  The funny thing about this is she usually washes her hair every week and just before she goes she ALWAYS asks me "Tomi, what should I put in my hair today" I just smile and feel really proud that she is seeking my advice for her hair.

Since the start of my hair journey both of them have told me they are seeing progress and my hair is looking longer and thicker *excited much* Once other people can see progress it means what I’m doing is working   

A couple of my friends always tease me about being on a hair journey and once anybody ask anything about hair they are quick to say "Oh Lawd don’t start Tomi on hair please” because I share things I am doing on my hair journey with them.  They too are seeing progress and telling me it’s looking healthy. Actually one of them calls me now to ask me what products to buy for their hair *so proud*.

To my fiancé, my mom and friends thanks for listening to me rant and rave about being on a hair journey and believing in me.

Who is your biggest support system since the start of your healthy hair journey?

Be inspired...


  1. Such a sweet post! Nothing better than having a great support system.

    My mom, Sean and sisters have been a great support system when they were learned I was going natural. My mom was just happy because she never wanted me to relax my hair and then my sisters and I just all decided around the same time to go natural without discussing it so we've all been supporting each others progress.

  2. My biggest support system is my fiance and subscribers

    1. They were my initial support system but now my subbies keep me motivated. Thanks Kathy!

  3. YAY for support system. My mom is my biggest cheerleader but my hubby not so much. I have loved sharing my journey with readers online, it's been way more exciting and rewarding that way.

    I laughed so hard at your comment "don't get Tomes started on hair :)"

  4. Respect to all those who support us! Great post.

    My biggest support is my mum, sister, dad, fiance and all my blog friends

    1. I started blogging 7 months into my journey and you bloggers have been amazing. You have a good crowd cheering you on.


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