August 25, 2015

What Do You Consider Long Hair…

Is this a strange question? I ask because what I perceived as long hair as a teenager is far from what I believe it is now. Let’s just blame it on being on a healthy hair journey j/k. As a teenager growing up and my mom not knowing how best to take care of my hair, it ended up always being dry, brittle and short. It could barely touch my shirt collar for all of my early teenage years.
Neck Length Hair

August 11, 2015

Long Lost Wash Days…

I haven’t been keeping track of how many weeks post relaxer I am. Just realizing my new growth is popping and need to check my blog to see when my last relaxer was. I even started washing my hair every 2 weeks but stopped very quickly because my face wasn't enjoying that torture. I have been getting breakouts which aren't normal for me and I know that’s the culprit. Let’s get this wash-day started:
Heat Free Flexi-Rod Curls