August 24, 2016

A NEW Regimen for Longer & Healthier Hair…

Let me just let you know the practices I do on MY hair may not have the same effect on your hair since all of our heads are different. What I would say, is to do trial and error until you find the best techniques and products for your hair. I recently big chopped my hair due to inconsistency, so I have a created a regimen to get me back on track first and then moving forward to achieving my hair goals.

Since moisturizing and sealing most almost non-existent in the last 6 months, my main focus was on moisture, moisture and more moisture.
Prepoo (pre-shampoo treatment)

August 11, 2016

Long Lost Wash Day…

Why are summers so busy? My life has been extremely hectic over the last couple of weeks but my hair has been getting the attention it needs.  Take a look at my hair during one of my recent wash days.