May 28, 2013

Relaxer Prep Wash Day...

This has been the WORST wash day I have ever had since the start of my Healthy Hair Journey.  I skipped washing my hair last week as I felt lazy and I think that’s part of the reason my wash day turned out so horrible.  I’m really looking forward to my relaxer next week and prepping for it is crucial.  I need to incorporate a strong Protein Treatment which makes my wash day very longggggggggg by jumping in and out the shower 3 times argh.

I sectioned my hair in four parts [2 at the front & 2 at the back], I finger detangled first, then I applied my Mane & Tail Detangler to make the process easier.  I had to be careful so that I didn't get much breakage - took me 50 mins. My hair has been shedding a lot from last weekend and instead of doing a tea rinse to help, I just ignored my hair and skipped the washing. That was a BIG mistake

[1]      Prepooed with Grapeseed Oil on my scalp and HE Longterm Relationship 
          Conditioner on the length of my hair for 30 mins under my heat cap. My hair 
          felt so soft while rinsing.
[2]      Shampooed with ORS Creamy Aloe Shampoo (remove build up) and CON 
          Moisture & Shine Shampoo
[3]      With my hair in 4 sections applied Aphogee 2 step protein treatment from 
          root to tip and sat under my dryer until my hair was hard. While applying the 
          product I realized the front left half was tangled at the top
          didn’t bother to detangle but made sure my hair was saturated with the 
          protein treatment.
[4]      As I rinsed I could see a lot of my hair shedding running down the tub. I 
          applied Aphogee Balancing Moisturizer for 2 mins and rinse.  At this point 
          I started to finger detangle under the shower and I was successful to some 
          extent with the top left half.
[5]      Applied Queen Helene Cholesterol mixed with my oils & Roux Correction 
          Conditioner and sat under my heat cap for 1 1/2hours.
[6]      Rinsed and wrap my hair in a t-shirt for 30 mins.
[7]      With my hair still in 4 sections apply Aphogee Keratin Green Tea Restructurizer 
          and Herbal Essences Split Ended Protector and Organix Anti Breakage Serum 
          and attempted to detangle very carefully. 

I had a lot of matted hair and I had to take my time to get rid of them. I had about a million tangles, (ok I exaggerated) but it was A LOT.  Just when I thought I got rid of all the matted hair I met more and more. I felt like crying because I thought there was no ending to the resolution of tangles.  I suffered a lot of breakage and my shedding is out of control.  My bf even said “You worked so hard the last 14 weeks to keep your hair in good shape and now at the last leg everything goes in shambles.”  I totally blame myself because I could have washed my hair last week and gotten rid of the hair that was shedding instead of allowing them to tangle up I don’t know how detrimental the damage is until I get my relaxer next weekend but I’m hoping for the best.  I tied down my edges and Air-dry for the rest of the day.

Please click image to enlarge

[8]      Can you believe when I went to apply Jamaican Black Castor Oil to my scalp 

May 23, 2013

Tomes Edition Hair "Treats" - Spotlight: Ria's Wash Day

Over the course of my life I have been blessed with a lot of supportive friends that have been cheering me on from the sidelines, since I started my Healthy Hair Journey. So I decided as a token of my appreciation, to give some of them hair “Treats” compliments Tomes Edition. Without further adieu let’s introduce my lil sister (not blood related but I love her like one regardless) and today’s highlight Ms Ria..

Ria isn’t on a hair journey but wants to start a Healthy Hair Journey as the thought of having long beautiful healthy hair intrigues her.  

::Let’s get to know Ria alil bit more::

1)      How long have you been relaxed?
         Ria: 15 years but I have gone back natural and texturized my hair during this time.

2)      How often do you relax your hair?
         Ria: Every 4-6 weeks.

3)      What hair products do you use & how do you use them on your wash days?
         Ria: Whatever the hairdresser uses. I hardly wash my own hair and when I have to I 
          just use whatever is at home 

4)      Do you use heat? If yes how often?
         Ria: I do, at least once a week.

Before starting Ria’s wash day I checked her hair to access it so I would know how to go about her wash day. She is 3 weeks post relaxer so her wash day should be easy breezy. Here are the steps I took for Ria’s Wash Day [I take similar steps]

May 20, 2013

Product Review: KeraPRO Restorative Intensive Treatment...

KeraPRO Restorative Intensive Treatment
::Price:: 5.1oz – $10.99US (Available at Amazon)
They Promise

KeraPRO Restorative Treatment is an intense nourishing treatment saturates hair roots to ends for the ultimate restorative therapy for extra dry or stressed hair. Contains scientifically-advanced glucose, lipid and keratin proteins actives. Locks nutrients deep inside the hair fiber leaving hair soft, shiny and healthy

Suggested Use:

Apply to clean hair and massage through the lengths and ends. Leave for 5 minutes. Rinse well.

May 12, 2013

Product Review: Tropic Isle Jamaican Black Castor Oil...

I have been using this brand of product since October 2012 and it has become a staple in my regimen.

Tropic Isle Jamaican Black Castor Oil
::Price:: 8oz – $15.31US (Purchased at Amazon)    

May 05, 2013

Product Review: Queen Helene Cholesterol Hair Conditioning Cream...

I have been using this product since the beginning of my Healthy Hair Journey back in June 2012 – my hairdresser has also been using this product on my hair since 2007. This product has been a staple in my regimen and I always make sure I have a backup tub so I don’t run out.

Queen Helene Cholesterol Hair Conditioning Cream
::Price::   15oz - $8.00BDS - $12.00BDS or on Amazon
                  [depending on the beauty supply store]
                  80oz - $30.00BDS - $35.00BDS or on Amazon
                  [depending on the beauty supply store]

May 02, 2013

What's In My Spray Bottle...

I find once my hair passes 10 weeks post relaxer that my new growth is very dry, so I have come up with a concoction mix that I have been testing out for some time now, and I’ll like to share it with you guys.