October 28, 2015

Relaxer Day Results…

I relaxed my hair myself at 16 weeks post relaxer with 2 boxes of  ORS Relaxer in Normal Strength.  My routine hasn't changed from how I prep my hair for relaxer day and how it actually goes as seen here.
Relaxer Day Results: Flat Ironed Hair

October 15, 2015

Wash Day: Relaxer Preparations…

I’m so over this stretch right now. It has been one of my best stretches for growth but also one of my worst for shedding and tangles. I can’t remember when last a comb touched my head because I have been using my fingers very thoroughly.  I’m extremely nervous about how my ends are and know I need to trim alittle but I’m not scared about the trimming, just the thinning. I will confess that my regimen hasn't been consistent during the last 16 weeks and the only person to blame is myself.  I take full responsibility with my relaxer results which will be up next week.
Can you see my new growth (black) compared to my colored relaxed hair