These photos represent the progress that has been made on my Healthy Hair Journey since I started in June 2012 until now.
The Start Of My Healthy Hair Journey: June 2012 @ 7 Weeks Post Relaxer
September 8, 2012: Relaxer Results
February 2, 2013: Relaxer Results
June 1, 2013: Relaxer Results
September 14, 2013: Relaxer Results (To see the before pic where 3 inches was trimmed off please click here)
January 18, 2014: Relaxer Results
May 24, 2014: Relaxer Results
September 2014: Relaxer Results
December 2014: Relaxer Results
March 2015: Relaxer Results
June 2015: Relaxer Results
October 2015: Relaxer Results
February 2016: Relaxer Results
May 2016 : Relaxer Results


  1. where did you get the grapeseed oil ..... been search for that along with some other oils I just did my big chop so need to build a regimen for my hair.

  2. Congrats on your Big Chop! I bought my Grapeseed Oil from Nature's Discount.

  3. Oh wow just looking at you progress pictures! This is really nice and inspiring! Am only 6 months in my hair journey and was thinking to myself come on hair grow!! But I see I need patience, will put a section of my progress every 3 months to keep me motivated! Your hair is longer, thicker and just plan awesome!!

  4. Thank you! I really appreciate it. Yes patience is key but you will see results in no time, keep up the good work!

  5. I just joined your site but have been visiting it for a while. I am very impressed with your progress and can't wait to get to MBL myself soon. I just started my HJ in December 2013 and fell I love with your site because I use almost all the products you use in my regimen too. my hair is doing very well in only two months (started with unhealthy neck length) and the new growth is so much on my head. hopefully, I will post some pics at my 6 month mark. looking forward to learning more from your site, and taking this HJ together.

    1. Thank you so much Stoney. Good luck with your journey and I hope you will share your progress with us soon.


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