October 27, 2013

Liebster Award…

Tomes Edition has landed their very first online award *throws confetti* compliments JC
over @ Relaxed Thairapy and Miss Dre over at So She Writes . Blogger awards are such a great way to get to know your fellow blogger and find new bloggers.

 What is a Liebster Award?
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October 24, 2013

Wash Day with Flexi-Rods…

Don’t you just love a hassle free wash day, well let’s dive into it.

[1  Prepooed with Coconut oil mixed with a couple drops of peppermint oil on my scalp and
       did a scalp massage for 5 mins. Then added KeraPro Restorative Intensive Treatment 
       mixed with Extra Virgin Olive Oil on the length of my hair for 30mins under my heat cap.
[2  Shampooed with a diluted mix of Aussie Moist Shampoo with some drops of
       peppermint oil and followed up with CON Moisture & Shine Shampoo. I can’t wait to 
       get rid of this Aussie shampoo, very disappointing.
[3]   Deep Conditioned with L'Oreal Total Repair 5 Damage-Erasing Balm for 35mins under my 
       heat cap.  First impressions: I was surprised how moisturized my hair felt after rinsing it 
       out because this conditioner didn’t sink into my strands, so far so good.
[4  Wrapped my hair in a t-shirt for 30mins to absorb the excess water
[5  Applied my leave in conditioner's of Aphogee Keratin & Green Tea Restructurizer, 
       Herbal Essences Split End Protector (ends only), Aussie Moist Conditioner and Coconut 
       Oil to my hair and detangled really easy although I’m 5weeks post.
[6  Let my hair air dry, then applied Jamaican Black Castor Oil on my scalp and moisturized 
       my hair with Elasta QP Olive Oil & Mango Butter and sealed with Hot Six Oil.

Since I was going out to dinner with one of my closest girlfriends I decided to have some curls and decided to do a pony tail with flexi-rods on the ends as well as 4 flexi-rods at the front of my hair. Since I had already moisturized and sealed I just sprayed my ends with water and rolled the hair unto the rods with end wrap papers on the ends. To see what I wore out to dinner click here.

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October 22, 2013

Girls Night Out: The Birthday Celebration…

"Lots of people want to ride with you in the limo but what you want is someone who will take the bus with you when the limo breaks down”
“A friend is someone who gives you total freedom to be yourself”

Today is one of my closest girlfriends birthday and to celebrate I took her out to dinner at Tapas Restaurant for a relaxing, girl catch up kind of night. Dionne is no stranger to this blog as she was featured here before. We don’t talk everyday but when we do talk it’s like we never missed a day before. She’s like a sister from another mother, love her to bits.

We arrived on time and were seated within 5mins. The restaurant wasn't full but the ambiance was nice and by the time we were ready to leave it had filled up.  I don’t like eating heavy foods after 9.00pm so I skipped starters and went straight for a main course. We both ordered the Pork Tenderloin which came with mashed potatoes, with bits of bacon in it. As usual my drink was a mudslide but Dionne ordered Passionate Paradise.  The mudslide I had at TGIF is still the best I've tasted and unfortunately they are now closed down.

The pork was very well seasoned and tasted delicious, thumbs up to the chef. We were so stuff that we didn't bother with desert but the restaurant were so nice to bring over a bowl of ice-cream with a strawberry in it and a sparkling candle to end the night on a fantastic note. Dionne was surprised as seen on her face below. Here are a few pics from that night and I did her make-up:
L-R Tomi & Dionne

October 20, 2013

Style | Linen Pants & Top - OOTN

I was taking one of my closest girlfriends out to dinner for her birthday and decided not to go the traditional way of wearing a dress and trying something different. Here is what I wore:

October 15, 2013

Protective Hairstyles for Relaxed, Texlaxed & Natural Hair…

What are Protective Styles?

This is wearing your hair up in a style that doesn't put strain on your edges or nape and keep your ends off your shoulders and back. These are styles that protect the ends from rubbing, splitting and being damaged by the elements. Here are a few Hairstyles that I have rocked which help protect our fragile ends with the hope of retaining length. They are all very simple and easy to do.

Buns & more Buns

October 08, 2013

Wash Day with Bantu-Knot Out #Fail...

I felt so lazy that morning because I couldn't decide how to style my hair after my wash day perhaps Flexi-Rods, Roller Set, Bantu –knots I don’t know.
Note: I ALWAYS detangle prior to starting my wash day.

[1]   Prepooed with Extra Virgin Coconut Oil mixed with some peppermint oil on my scalp and 
       a bunch of conditioners that I’m trying to get rid of, mixed with some honey on the length 
       of my hair for 20mins under my heat cap.
[2]   Shampooed with Aussie Moist Shampoo diluted with water and a few drops of peppermint 
       oil because it strips my hair. Followed up with CON Moisture & Shine Shampoo and rinsed.
[3]   Applied Aphogee Two Minute Keratin Reconstructor for 3 mins and rinsed.
[4]   Deep Conditioned with Elasta QP Intense Fortifying Conditioning Treatment (first use) for
       30 mins under my heat cap.  First Impressions it smells great and has a lot of slip. I did not        mix anything with it because I want to see if the product proclaims its word.
[5]   Wrapped my hair in a t-shirt for 1hr to absorb the excess water
[6]   Applied Aphogee Keratin & Green Tea Restructurizer, Aussie Moist Conditioner
       Herbal Essences Split-End Protector (on my ends) and Extra Virgin Coconut Oil to my
       hair and detangling has been a breeze so far since I’m only 3 weeks post relaxer.
[7]   After an hour my hair was completely air dried and so moisturized and shiny.
[8]   Oiled my scalp with Jamaican Black Castor Oil and moisturized with my 

Please click on image to enlarge
After seeing KLP from (Saving Our Strands) doing some fabulous Bantu-Knot Out not stop, I 

October 06, 2013

NEW VIDEO: Relaxer Results from September 2013...

I can finally show you the results of my relaxer done in September 2013 where I cut 3 inches straggly ends that needed to go. To see the full post click here.

Hope you enjoyed the video.

Be Inspired…

October 03, 2013

NO More Popping Pills to Boost Hair Growth...

Yup you read the title correctly. Back in February I decided to try out the Spring Valley Hair, Skin and Nails Vitamins and I must say I really liked the results I got. See my review here at 7weeks post and (here) at 14weeks post relaxer.  I only tried this vitamin to see what all the hype was about, by taking vitamins to grow your hair and it’s not a venture I will continue.

Yes I did gain an additional ½ to 1 inch more than normal but what are the consequences of that extra ½ to 1 inch more?  Before I decided on the brand vitamins I wanted to take, I did a lot of research to find out the side effects and NO ONE experienced anything out of the ordinary outside the break-outs due to the high level of biotin in them.  I personally didn't experience an increase in hair growth in any other parts of my body except on my head, perhaps I was lucky lol . I definitely increased my water intake to ensure minimum break-outs happened and I succeeded.

Even though research showed no one experienced any side effects that would be harmful to our