October 03, 2013

NO More Popping Pills to Boost Hair Growth...

Yup you read the title correctly. Back in February I decided to try out the Spring Valley Hair, Skin and Nails Vitamins and I must say I really liked the results I got. See my review here at 7weeks post and (here) at 14weeks post relaxer.  I only tried this vitamin to see what all the hype was about, by taking vitamins to grow your hair and it’s not a venture I will continue.

Yes I did gain an additional ½ to 1 inch more than normal but what are the consequences of that extra ½ to 1 inch more?  Before I decided on the brand vitamins I wanted to take, I did a lot of research to find out the side effects and NO ONE experienced anything out of the ordinary outside the break-outs due to the high level of biotin in them.  I personally didn't experience an increase in hair growth in any other parts of my body except on my head, perhaps I was lucky lol . I definitely increased my water intake to ensure minimum break-outs happened and I succeeded.

Even though research showed no one experienced any side effects that would be harmful to our 

body, you just never know what can happen 1 year or 20 years from now and I’m not willing to take that chance.  Our bodies are fragile beings and should be treated with the best care.  I won’t want many years down the road; I develop something that was as a result of a trace of the vitamin left in my system over time.  Are we in a race for faster growth or health?  I’ll admit having long hair is on everyone’s mind that is on a Hair Journey, however if our growth rate is ½ inch per month (some people experience more or less growth a month). It means, if we take care of our hair and protect our ends we can achieve 6 inches in 1 year.  I’ll suggest don’t rush it because growth will certainly come let’s work together in getting our hair in the best shape it has ever been.

Due to the increase in growth I believe my shedding rate increased as well as seen in this post (here).  I’m not a big shedder but my shedding increased and lasted much longer than it normally does. Could it be to the increase growing rate? I definitely believe so and I’m happy that my shedding is back to normal. I haven’t done a Black Tea Rinse since August 31, 2013.

The only form of “growth aid” will be my (Jamaican Black Castor Oil) why you may ask? Well, because it keeps my new growth moisturized and soft, especially at 12weeks post relaxer my new growth adores this thick oil.  Due to its thickness, I only need to apply twice a week which will keep my scalp happy and deter any chance of Dandruff/dry scalp occurring.  Lighter oils almost disappear into my scalp and in no time there is a need to re-apply because my scalp looks thirsty.

Here are a few vitamins that helps with hair growth:

[1] Vitamins A  [2] Vitamin C  [3] Vitamin B3   [4] Vitamin B6 and B12   [5] Vitamin H 
[6] Vitamin D   [7] Vitamin E

Don't worry i'll dive into ways you can achieve these vitamins without popping pills in a later post.

Am I being paranoid? Am I over thinking this? If you want to take Hair Vitamins don't let me deter you, its simply not for me.

What are your thoughts on taking Hair Vitamins to boost Hair Growth?

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  1. I completely agree with you Tomi! I've never taken supplements (pills) specifically designated to "increase hair growth." This isn't to say that I haven't thought about it! I'm petrified of the possible side effects. (More hair in places other than my head, more breakouts, more migranes or a serious allergic reaction) I do, however, take a gummy multivitamin and I'm all about drinking water, carrot juice, and eating tons of green veggies.

    KLP @ SavingOurStrands

  2. I don't think that you're paranoid because what you wrote about possible side effects in 10 years could be true. I have finished my amino acid pills now and I decided to step back from any hair growth pills at all. even biotin, which I've take at the beginning of my journey, because it causes too much hair growth on other parts if my body, lol.
    I'm more for daily plain water intake and/or teas like bamboo leaf, which has many other benefits beside the benefit for hair and nails.

  3. I will not lie i have been craving to get on some hair growth pill, but becase of another medication I am on am not allowed anything, and you know what am actually happy, because doing HHJ without pills is what I would have wanted minus all the hypes, I think the food we take should be enough for us to extract the vitamins we need.

  4. I origanally started taking vitamins to support a friend who was injured, I hate popping pills but I did feel a difference in my energy levels when I did not take them so I try to continue. I believe that if you eat a well balanced diet you have no need for supplements but the reality for me is as much as I try I don't anymore. You do have a point about possible side effects happening years from now though.

  5. I took biotin when I suffered from Alopecia. It did help a lot. I stopped when I realized that it stopped working. These pills work only if you have a deficiency, which is rare in most women.

  6. JBCO is also said to increase shedding rate because it increases growth rate. For the ladies who still want to pop their pills, just use tea or coffee rinses to minimize/stop shedding.

  7. ·hair skin nails vitamins t includes Biotin, MSM, bamboo extract & green tea extract

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  8. I have used this product my hair grew wonderfully! But then I noticed everything I would comb my hair it would shed alot so thanks for this article I think I am going to stick with just drinking lots of water and a vitamin every morning!

  9. In a word this is a great post! Here i found many tips how to take care of eye that's help me very much.The trick to hair regrowth is the same as keeping your hair healthy – sufficient vitamin intake. Luckily, we know the best vitamins to make hair grow. Hair loss is often due to an insufficient amount of vitamin B7 in the bloodstream. Try treating your scalp with natural biotin formulas to combat the lack of B7.Vitamins To Make Hair Grow


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