March 26, 2013

My Vitamins...

It has crossed my mind for a while now, the thought of taking Vitamins to boost my hair growth even though I use JBCO on my scalp once or twice a week (wash days for sure), and I have seen my growth rate increase.  I know everyone has been raving about Hairfinity  but I couldn’t bring myself to paying US$24 for a bottle (60 capsules for 1 month) when I would need at least 3 months supply to really see progress, so I went on the hunt for an alternate vitamins supplement that works.

I started to research  and I saw all kinds of Vitamins but the brand I decided to try is the Spring Valley - Hair, Skin & Nails, Plus Biotin Dietary Supplement Vitamins that can be found at Wal-Mart for US$12.88 for 240 tablets.  Initially I asked people in the hair boards about the different dosage of biotin that should be taken and I heard really bad reviews when starting with high dosages, which led to bad break-outs and increase growth in abnormal areas. Yes I wanted to try out 5000mg of biotin; ummm that’s a no no.  Who wants to grow facial hair? Certainly not me, but I did recognize that when they said “hair vitamin” it didn’t specify which ‘hair ‘but we all hope that its the hair on our head which would benefit the most. With that been said I asked my aunt to pick up two of the regular bottles [which only has 3mcg of biotin] as I was skeptical of the biotin one but instead she brought back the one which has 1000mcg of biotin.  This was sitting on my table from November and I decided to try it out after I got a fresh relaxer to see if it will really work.  On average I believe my hair grows at ½ inch per month especially the crown of my hair, the other parts like my nape [back of my head] grows at a slower rate, so if I see the same amount of growth or more growth, then I’ll know if the Vitamins work or not.

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They Claim:

The Spring Valley Hair, Skin & Nails Plus Biotin Dietary Supplement does not contain
gluten, yeast, wheat, lactose or sugar. These Spring Valley vitamins provide essential collagen to support your hair, skin and nail health. Strengthen your hair and nails, as well as get improved overall skin appearance with this Spring Valley dietary supplement.

Suggested Use:

For adults, take three [3] caplets daily, preferably with meals. As a reminder, discuss the supplements and medications you take with your health care providers. Store at room temperature, tightly closed and avoid excessive heat. For your protection, do not use if seal under cap is broken or missing.


Accidental overdose of iron-containing products is a leading cause of fatal poisoning in children under six. Keep this product out of reach of children. In case of accidental overdose, call a doctor or poison control center immediately. If you are pregnant, nursing, taking any medications, planning any medical procedure or have any medical condition, consult your doctor before use. Discontinue use and consult your doctor if any adverse reactions occur. Not intended for use by persons under the age of 18.

I started taken one tablet a day after my breakfast break at work which it’s roughly at 10:30 am on February 4, 2013. Have a look below and see how huge this tablet is and the thought of 3 tablets a day was too much for me, plus it could have meant my starting dosage would be 3000mg of biotin a day [do you recall the bad reviews of high dosage of biotin] and I wanted to see how my body would react first before I changed my dosage. 

On March 19, 2013 [7 weeks later] I decided to increase my dosage to 2 tablets a day, one after my breakfast break at 10:30 am and another after my lunch at 1.30 pm. Normally, after a fresh relaxer my hair takes about 3-4 weeks before I started to feel any new growth, but taking these vitamins I know they work because I have noticed increase growth beyond that.  

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::The Assessment::

Week 1: Since this product has in biotin I increased my water intake. I drink 2 bottles of 700ml per day
Week 2: Continued my water intake of drinking 2 bottles of 700ml bottles. I also felt a coil (new growth) but only at my crown.
Week 3: I did well during the week with my water intake but I slacked off over the weekend.  Another coil formed at my crown only
Week 4: By Tuesday I got one bump on my foreheadand by Saturday another bump formed at the side of my face. I increased my water intake over the weekend because I didn’t want any more bumps and I knew that was the reason. I only had 2 glasses of water on Saturday and Sunday the previous weekend.
Week 5Kept up my water intake and a coil formed at the back of my head by my nape while I got a 3rd coil from my crown. Bumps disappeared after 5 days *whew* and unfortunately I got bumps on the right side of my buttocks two days later (3 bumps) which also lasted 5 days  Hair Pulling Pull Bald Smiley Smilie Emoticon Animated Animation Gif photo 1sm056pullhair.gifDidn’t scratch them so no marks were left on my skin
Week 6All the bumps cleared up and I saw my new growth at the front of my hair by my edges.
Week 7My new growth is really kicking up and making a fuss but yet still manageable. Since I’m increasing my dosage I am hoping to drink a 3rd bottle of 700ml

::My Skin::

Week 1-5: No change in my skin
Week 6-7: My skin started glowing at this point but I can’t give all the credit to this vitamin because since I have increased my water intake from January 2013 and water is known to help with improving of our skin.

::My Nails::
Week 1-7So I have a bad habit of biting my nails so even though my nails grew at moderate rate I bite them off just as fast lol


These vitamins really work and I would recommend trying this product, however DO NOT slack off with your water intake because the break-outs will not be nice to your SKIN at all. Now, every product doesn’t have the same effect on everyone, so even though I recommend this because I saw great results, your experiences may vary either to be better or worse than mine, word to the wise!!!

Here is my hair at 7 weeks post and I will be giving you another update in 7 weeks time which will put me at 14 weeks post relaxer.

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Has anyone tried this Vitamin or are you taking any vitamins to boost your hair growth?

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  1. I'm taking MSM pills and using Hair Trigger Growth Elixir on my scalp. Hairfinity and Biotin broke me out something terrible. I'm loving my MSM results. I was barely APL when I started taking them and now I'm grazing BSL. I started taking MSM in January.

    1. Wow your progress sounds amazing....BSL here you come...

  2. Have you tried drinking Collagen pills for your hair? By the way, I'm scared when you said that the side effect of this will be breakouts. I have enough pimples on my face and I can't afford to add more to them. Is there any other product you can suggest? I hope to hear from you! Thanks! Juliana Vanslyke

    1. I have never tried Collagen pills and this is the only Vitamin I have tried. I have heard great reviews about Hairfinity and Maxi hair but i have never tried them. All you need to do is increase your water intake and you will be fine. I have been using this now for 14 weeks and only broke out 3 times. Look out for my update to my vitamins next week, good luck!


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