November 26, 2014

Same Ole Wash Day…

I haven’t posted about my hair in a while because I haven’t been doing anything special to my hair for the last couple of weeks.  My weekly regimen has remained the same but styling has been as simple as possible. Take a look at how my hair has been lately.
My hair styles for the last couple of weeks

November 24, 2014

Wedding: Pre-Marital Counselling Homework (Love Letter in 25yrs)…

Our pre-marital counselling sessions are over and we are happy to report that our priest has confidence in our relationship.  We were asked to write a love letter to each other 25 years from now and read it to each other at one of our sessions.  Neither of us had an idea what we wrote to each other, until it was read out.  Kevin and I are very competitive, so to jazz up my letter I added 25 hearts going around it. This letter is exactly what I read infront of the priest to Kevin.  Do enjoy!

My Dearest Husband Kevin,

Time is flying and waiting on no one and I’m so happy that our paths crossed so unconventional and now we are building the life we always wanted.  I truly believe God made you for me. There is no one else that I have ever met that understands me like you do. God has been good to us.  The kids are all grown and looking to start their own lives, which gives us an opportunity to explore each other without the distractions of family or the outside world.
Our first trip together to Las Vegas in 2010

November 21, 2014

Wedding: Our Cake Tasting Experience…

To be honest we knew who we wanted to bake our wedding cake from last year and kind of slacked on looking at other options.  Always have a plan B trust me . When we finally chose a design for our cake, the quote given to us was way above our budget. Its at that point we decided to start looking at some other options to see if we were getting a deal or not.  We had 3 quotes for the below cakes without the topper and one with the topper.  We asked for a 3 tier Chocolate Cake with Vanilla filling. Aren't they gorgeous.
Source from Pinterest. Our first design Cakes

November 17, 2014

My Apologies & Life Update…

Let me first apologize to you guys for my lack of postings recently.  So much has been going on which has pushed me to take a mini break from blogging. I absolutely love blogging but there are things right now that I need to put all of my energy into. I do hope I can still make an appearance atleast weekly till the end of the year.

What have I been up too you may ask? Well trying to tie loose ends for the wedding as well as sending out invitations, meet with service providers to make sure everything is covered. Kevin was the brain child behind our invitations and he actually printed them too.
Our Wedding Invitations in the process and finished
Right now, I’ll say everything is on schedule for the wedding. I’m overwhelmed as I can’t believe 2014 is almost over and I’m going to be a Mrs. It was just the other day Kevin & I were discussing our guest list and now our wedding day is almost less than 30 days to go.  I do have some wedding posts, hair posts scheduled soon, so stay tuned and stay blessed.

What have I missed, share with us below?

Be inspired...

November 06, 2014

What Happened To My Hair Lately…

I haven’t been doing anything special with my hair for the last couple of weeks but I have been keeping up with my weekly wash-days and treatments.  Due to time constraints, I haven’t been able to wear my hair out which may be beneficial to me in the long run right now.
I love buns