June 18, 2015

The Truth About Dying Relaxed Hair…

Hair dye’s can be found in semi-permanent and permanent. Semi-permanent has been my choice since it isn't that harsh on our hair. It’s mainly referred to as a ‘rinse’. Hair dye’s come in variations of colors, from Jet black to reds, pinks, you name it.  Before dying your hair I suggest doing some research on the brand. For example I usually help my mom dye her hair and we use Bigen hair dye. On one occasion Bigen wasn't available and she bought Clairol in the color black. My mom hair was jet black on application but while rinsing out her hair it turned green. Honestly I cackled in disbelief, let’s just say we never bought that brand again. I’m not saying the brand may not work for since the hair on our heads are all different but it certainly didn't work for my mom’s.
Hair Dye I Have Used In The Past

Pro’s on Dying Relaxed hair
Its always nice to try something new and exciting
Tired of the same old dark brown hair, well adding some color will certainly spice things up.  I especially love to see when you are wearing the shirt that is the same color as your hair, [whether it be red, maroon or copper sunset], you face just glows from top to mid-drift of your body.
Feeling Excited
It may give you a boost of confidence
Usually colored hair turned heads and you are much more noticeable when you walk into a room than the regular ‘everybody’ dark brown hair.  Walk with your head high and don’t fall.

Gives your hair life
There is this vibrant look your hair has when you wear it straight. Your curls seems to pop more and makes your hair looks very interesting
My hair was making me feel awesome
Con's of Dying Relaxed Hair
Dries out our hair
This is no joke. You need to increase your moisture level because your hair gets dry very quickly. We all know dry hair equals breakage and a'int nobody has time for breakage after working so hard to maintain healthy hair.

Stains scalp temporarily
I’m no professional but even when I got my hair dyed professionally, when I scratched my scalp I would see the dye underneath my nails which was a turn off.  After the first shampoo, I don’t have that problem anymore.
Temporary Stained Scalp
Moisture levels drained
Grab all your extremely moisturizing products to maintain a normal moisture balance.  If not within a day or two my hair feels like I never deep conditioned.  I tend to add honey, aloe vera juice to my deep conditioners to boost it.

May cause damage
Based on the above listed, if you don’t take care of your hair it can become dry, dull and brittle. Dry hair can lead to split ends which is very damaging to the hair.

Requires more maintenance
Pay close attention to the moisture level of your ends. You may need to try baggying your ends or mid-week co-wash , just to replenish your moisture levels.

With anything in life there will always be good and bad, so with any decision you make, be sure to do research on the topic before making a hasty decision.  Will I dye my hair again? Yes with a heartbeat.  Will the negatives deter me, No they won’t.  But I will be committed to increasing my moisture level to ensure I stay away from direct breakage due to dryness. The list above are just some of my experiences so far, if you have any to add please share them below.

Are you tempted to dye your hair?

Be inspired…


  1. Oh tomi I love your hair colour, am sure a scary cat to try any colours. But thinking of henna! Great and honest blog!

  2. Yes oh yes after seeing your gorgeous hair. I will have to try a shade close to yours. Can't remember seeing that brand at Sally beauty store. Will check though. If you don't mind me asking what brand is your Mom using now since my aunts hair sometimes turn green when using a Jet Black hair dye. She might have used Clairol as well think it was call Jazzing it was in a pink bottle.

    Great blog and your hair is growing thick, healthy and beautiful. Can hardly wait for your next relaxer to see the results.

  3. I agree with the pros and cons. I tried to color my hair once and it did not take. I never tried it again. I probably never will. But your hair looks so lovely, and this color goes really well with your skin tone. Great post. Happy weekend!

    1. Thanks Nerline! What brand dye did you use?

    2. It happened such a long time ago, I cannot even remember. I was in my early 20s

  4. Wow, that color looks awesome on you. I never dyed my hair but I have wanted to so many times I am just too chicken to do it

  5. I have never dyed my hair but I must say that the color suits you really well.


  6. I have only ever dyed a leave out for a weave installation and I could tell that part of my hair was drier than the rest. Great informative post Tomi!

  7. Yes I am very tempted to dye my hair! If I ever do, it will probably be a rinse like yours. Thanks so much for sharing the good and the bad about coloring relaxed hair. This was such an informative post!

  8. Lately I have been considering a rinse. I want to try either a purple or reddish color like your. Look great by the way!

  9. Lately I have been considering a rinse. I want to try either a purple or reddish color like your. Look great by the way!

  10. Lately I have been considering a rinse. I want to try either a purple or reddish color like your. Look great by the way!

  11. Wow. I like permanent color but it's so harsh on my hair so I have to stick with with semi rinse. I find that semi rinses don't get my hair jet jet black...that's how I like it. LOL.


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