May 21, 2015

Hair Color | Kiss Express Color in Crimson…

I have been contemplating if to dye my hair again or just let the last dye I used, run its course and my hair return to its natural boring color of dark brown. I love trying different things and wanted to have a brighter color in my hair. I stumbled on Kiss Express Color  in Crimson which is a semi permanent hair dye and seemed to be brighter than Truly Red which I had before based on their sample.

I applied the dye with gloves from my scalp to the ends. Covered my hair with a plastic cap and sat under my heat cap for 25mins as stated on the instructions.  Rinsed with warm water and applied Aussie Moist conditioner to add some softness as well as to remove the excess dye in my hair.
Kiss Express Color in Crimson on my hair

May 17, 2015

OOTD | Casual Friday Style…

My wardrobe is filled with a lot of black and white, navy blue and grey.  Last summer I was encouraged to buy bright bold colors to spice things up. I bought the clothes but didn't experiment with them.
Color Blocking on a Casual Friday

May 13, 2015

Wash Days I’ve Missed…

I wore my hair straight for two weeks after relaxing it. Honestly I was enjoying my straight hair so much that the thought of not washing my hair for the third week was a possibility. Until I started to see pimples popping up in my face, then I knew my scalp needed to be cleansed to avoid a massive breakout. 
How I've been wearing my hair for wash days i didn't post

May 10, 2015

How to | What is Baggying…

Happy Mother's day to ALL of the wonderful mother's who help shape us into who we are today. Their sacrifices has been endless and the love and support has been overwhelming. I hope i can be as awesome as my mom someday. Cheers to ALL moms.

Are you frustrated and tired of dry ends, look no further of how we can curb this.

What is Baggying?
Baggying is simply to cover your hair with a bag of some sort to help lock in moisture. Baggying can save your ends to help prevent it from breakage due to dryness.
How I Baggy My Ends To Retain Moisture