May 10, 2015

How to | What is Baggying…

Happy Mother's day to ALL of the wonderful mother's who help shape us into who we are today. Their sacrifices has been endless and the love and support has been overwhelming. I hope i can be as awesome as my mom someday. Cheers to ALL moms.

Are you frustrated and tired of dry ends, look no further of how we can curb this.

What is Baggying?
Baggying is simply to cover your hair with a bag of some sort to help lock in moisture. Baggying can save your ends to help prevent it from breakage due to dryness.
How I Baggy My Ends To Retain Moisture
How to Baggy?
You can opt to bag your entire head or just your ends. Whichever needs the most attention. Only moisturizing products. I prefer to baggy my entire head. You can opt to add a leave-in-conditioner or cheapie conditioner [examples: Aussie Moist conditioner, V05 conditioner] to your hair and ends and cover it with a shower cap, plastic bag or zip-lock bag. Basically anything that can be used to cover your head and trap in the moisture.  Our head naturally creates heat which will help keep our hair moisturized under the shower cap, which is my preference. You can baggy for 3-4 hours or overnight.
Baggying My Entire Hair To Retain Moisture
Why Baggy?
Sometimes our hair can get dry due to weather, air conditioning, skipping deep conditioning, not applying a leave in conditioner when air drying. These are just a few ways that our hair could end up dry. Dry hair isn’t happy hair which equals breakage and split ends.  Baggying is an easy fix for this problem.

Don’t overdo baggying once you hair feels better. You don’t want to create another problem by having over moisturized hair.

Have you tried Baggying & How do you do it?

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  1. I relied heavily on baggying for a long time. I don't do it nearly as often now since I'm afraid of cause harm to my hair with it becoming over moisturized. But, it's an excellent way to improve hydration without washing your hair.

  2. Thanks for this post Tomes. I should do it until my hair gets tired of it. I don't think I do it enough. Very well explained.

    1. I often slack on doing it sometimes too.

  3. I love baggying so much. If I can do it at least once a week then I am game.

    Your hair is looking so good these days by the way

  4. Great post Tomes, I've not tried baggying in too long! x

  5. I love too baggy alot, at least twice a week for me and it helps my hair so much.


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