July 17, 2015

I Love My Bright Colored Hair…

didn't realize how bright my hair was until I looked into the mirror a couple days after my relaxer. The sunlight was so bright shining on my hair and I couldn't help but take a couple pictures of it.
My Relaxed Hair 

July 14, 2015

Wash Day Post Relaxer…

Since I’m a DIY girl when it comes to relaxing my hair, I’m leaning towards washing my hair 2 weeks after relaxer to fully enjoy my flat ironed hair. Can you blame me?
Air drying Relaxed Hair

July 09, 2015

OOTN | 6 Month's Dinner Style…

On June 1, 2013 Kevin proposed to me and on June 20, 2015 we celebrated our 6 month anniversary.  People often get comfortable in their relationships and forget the little things which made the relationship work in the beginning. We don’t profess to know everything just what works for us. Even though we enjoy wine & dining, we also enjoy the little things in life. Beach dates, movie dates, sit at home and chill dates, doing stuff for each other, buying each other favorite treats randomly. These are just a few ways that works for us.
Dinner at Zen Restaurant Barbados

July 06, 2015

3rd Year of Healthy Hair Practices…

I try not to look at other people who started their healthy hair journey at the same time as I did to compare to see if their hair is longer or shorter than mine.  All of our heads are different and will thrive differently.  I would be honest to say that in my first year I was obsessed with length but now I just want the healthiest hair with the added bonus of length.  Everyone’s hair grows but it all needs some TLC for it to thrive. I experienced one set back and thinning which caused me to trim 3 inches off both times but my hair felt and looked better. Hair grows so no need to hold on to stringy ends.  I have been on my healthy hair journey for three years and I must say it was the best decision for my hair.
3 year Side Sweep Hair Comparison