October 18, 2016

The Beautiful Lake Louise…

A couple weeks ago my family & I went on a road trip and one of our stop was at the beautiful Lake Louise.  The day was cloudy, rainy and pretty chilly that it required coats and enclosing shoes to keep warm.  It was my first time seeing the lake which was filled with hundreds of tourist and locals taking in the beautiful atmosphere.

October 10, 2016

Style | Prints & Solids With Sandals…

Even though the best month of the year has passed (biased much) I’m still going to reminisce on some of the highlights of my day. I love celebrating any milestones in life because nothing is promised. Life is so precious and not to be taken for granted.  September 16th was the last day of summer in my books as it was 24 degrees.  Matter of fact we have only been seeing single digits this week. [Edit: It snowed this weekend in my city]

September 22, 2016

Relaxer Day Results | Length Check…

I tried extremely hard to maintain my new regimen to reap the best results after this relaxer stretch.  Since my big chop back in June my ends have relatively remained the same.  I didn't trim or cut my hair this time around only because my ends seemed in good shape. I hope to be APL in December.

September 16, 2016

Relaxer Day Results…

Can we take a moment to recognize the best month of the year? Ok I’m being biased since today is my birthday and my birth month. I’m so grateful and feeling so blessed to be able to celebrate yet another year of life, filled with love and happiness.  I see life so much differently since I turned 30 and just embracing what life has to offer.  God has been really good to me. Forgive me for getting alittle carried away. Let’s get into my relaxer results.

August 24, 2016

A NEW Regimen for Longer & Healthier Hair…

Let me just let you know the practices I do on MY hair may not have the same effect on your hair since all of our heads are different. What I would say, is to do trial and error until you find the best techniques and products for your hair. I recently big chopped my hair due to inconsistency, so I have a created a regimen to get me back on track first and then moving forward to achieving my hair goals.

Since moisturizing and sealing most almost non-existent in the last 6 months, my main focus was on moisture, moisture and more moisture.
Prepoo (pre-shampoo treatment)