April 24, 2013

Did You Know I Have A Patch In My Hair…

It saddens me to talk about this and I only have myself to blame.  It all started when I wanted a different look for Christmas in December 2011. So I contacted an old school mate of mine that has her own salon, to get a weave/wig to rock for a couple of weeks.  I ended up getting a wig done on a wig cap but the sides and back were stuck to my skin.  I must say it was fresh and a hair cut I could never imagine myself doing to my own hair and I immediately fell in love.  All my friends commented on how nice it was on me, what do you think?

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10 days later my scalp started itching me like crazy and I wanted to take off the wig cap so I could wash my hair and then just put it back on, but boy was that a big mistake.  I picked up my
Olive Oil hair spray and started to spray like crazy and I managed to get the glue unstuck from the back and left side of my head.  The right side of my head would just not budge and in my lack of patience, I just yanked off the wig cap and the right side of my hair came off smooth like a baby bottom, probably the size of a dime [25 cent BDS].  I was upset with myself that I just made my right side bald, but I really wanted relief from the itching

This happened in December and although I was applying Vitamin E Oil to the area, on a regular basis, it just wasn’t growing out as much or as quickly as I would have liked.  The photo on the left was taken in June 2012 and you can clearly see that there was hardly any growth on my scalp, whereas with the photo on the right, you can see how my hair should normally look in that area of my scalp for both sides of my head with this given hairstyle.

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Since the start of my Healthy Hair Journey in June 2012 and with the use of JBCO Jamaican Black Castor Oil it has been growing back nicely. Unfortunately I was too embarrassed to take pics of my patch but I’ll show you the most recent photo I have of it.

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You can see the clear difference with the lengths of my hair, as the patch is now 3 inches, whereas areas around the patch are doubled. So I think it’s fair to say that over a 6 - 7 month period my hair grew 3 inches which is very commendable, but most of the credit must go to JBCO.  I have been contemplating trimming my hair to meet the length of my patch but since my hair is now healthy, I figured I’ll allow my patch to catch up with the rest of my hair especially with my yearly trims - all my ends should eventually even out over time.

Styling my hair was a little bit of an issue because I had to ensure I used other areas of my hair to cover up the patch, although sometimes I would forget I have a patch and have to double back to re-style.  I could only wear low Buns or French Braids Inside Cornrow because those styles hid the patch very well.

I have truly learned patience during my journey and only wished I did a little earlier but I’m happy to report that the patch is progressing nicely

Are you struggling with any areas on your hair?

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  1. I going to do a quick post onhow thin my hair looks in the back center of my head. It bugs me and I'm pinning it to wearing claw clips in the same spot. Not to mention my nape is already damaged back there(and growing very slowly) which adds to how thin it looks. I also wonder if "doobie wrapping" could be a culprit so I have started cross wrapping instead. I'm definitely taking advantage of JBCO in this area as well. Thanks for sharing, Tomi! Great post!

  2. Yes! I am in fact I may jus go ahead and do a post on it, I've taken pictures of it a couple months ago and jus recently chopped off some severely thinned out parts *sigh* I'm glad you're patch is making progress will be back to normal in no time! Great post! x

  3. Glue is very harmful for the hair especially for the edges and hairline where hair is thinner. The same thing happen to me 2 years ago and I have since stopped relaxing my hair and using glue. I opt for sew ins, lace fronts, and interlocking now. Nice to see your hair growing back nicely.

  4. Glad that your hair is bouncing back! On a side note, I LOVE the wig. The color and cut look really good on you.

  5. Que bonita! When I first saw the pic, I thought: I know this chica didn't just go and get this dramatic cut without consulting us first. Ha-ha! Funny how your followers think that they have some say in what you do to your own hair. LOL!

    I do however love the wig. Knowing what you know now--do you think that you would try wigging it like this again? Is there any other way to get this look without the glue? It definitely looks good on you.


    1. Thanks KLP!Lol @ consulting us. It lays down better with the glue but I can certainly just have it done as a normal wig so that I can have access to my scalp for washing purposes. Honestly since the start of my HJ I prefer to wear my own hair but it would be nice for a slight change once in a while.

  6. The patch has grown back very well. I haven't used jbco that much; i have to start!


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