August 21, 2014

OOTD: Lady in Green…

I’m sharing with you my outfit of the day from church from last Sunday. Choosing an outfit for church isn't planned at all, actually once I’m showered then I decide what to wear. 
Lady in Green

August 19, 2014

Finally A Full Wash Day…

I have been mainly co-washing for the last couple of months but doing a full wash days on protein wash days.  This wash day, I had time on my hands and decided to undertake a normal full wash day.
New Growth @ 12 Weeks Post Relaxer

August 13, 2014

Wash Day: Another Flexi- Rod Set…

I had a photo shoot this weekend and wondered how to style my hair. I wanted to flat iron my hair but with time restraint and since I have never flat iron my hair before I didn't want to rush anything and end up with regrets. What else can blend my new growth and still look cute, say it with me Flexi-Rods lol.

August 12, 2014

Black Hair Myths…

I have lurked around shoulder length all my adult life and just settled for it because black women with hair pass shoulder length, are regarded as being mixed therefore being able to gain longer lengths.  With knowledge from google, vloggers and bloggers there is no need to think that black hair growth is stunt at shoulder.  Here are some of the reasons people think black hair can’t grow long.
Black Hair CAN'T Grow Long
In all honesty I partially believed this because I knew a young lady whose hair was referred to as “pickey” (very short) and remained that length for years. With knowledge I have acquired while being on my healthy hair journey, I now know that anything is possible with a good hair regimen - your hair can grow as long as you desire.  Our hair can grow but we need to protect and take care of our ends, which are the oldest part of our hair which can be prone to breakage if not given the proper care. If our ends are breaking off at the same rate as our hair is growing out of our scalp, our hair will appear like its not growing.

August 05, 2014

Reader’s Email: The Struggle is Real…

I received this email from a Barbadian reader who wanted to share her experience with you guys.

Melanie says:
I wanted to share this story with you, and I hope you can share it on your blog. Because it saddened me and also inspired me and gave me more purpose for my HHJ.

I went shopping today with two of my girlfriends. I ended up in Diamond Girl store and bought a few minor things I realized I needed. As I was purchasing some applicator brushes for my oils and conditioner, one of them asked "Why you buying brushes? You relaxing your hair yourself?" I replied  "No. These for my oils." She asked why. I said "I'm trying to grow my hair long and healthy." She replies "But why? There isn’t really nothing you can do about that"
For a split second I was gonna go into lecture mode and show her all the blogs I check for healthy hair habits. But I stopped myself and said, I'll show her that we (black women) DO have control of our hair and its growth and ability to retain length. I'll show her!!

I read on another blog/hair site that the myth is killing us in the long hair battle! We have been somehow led to believe that black hair can’t grow long unless your gene's are mixed with another ethnicity that lends to more manageable and 'grow-able' hair.

Her statement made me more adamant to pursue this hair journey diligently to show her and other women in Barbados that we, Black women with 'hard hair', can grow long healthy hair past our shoulders.

Sorry to rant but I had to share…

It warms my heart to receive such an email and I’m sorry I took so long to share this with you guys.  The struggle is real out there but the proof is in our daily &weekly hard work. Don’t be discouraged because you’re not seeing results as fast as you would like. Remember every head is different and even though it may look like you have the same hair type/texture and you use the same products as others it doesn’t mean you will yield the same results.  Patience is key.
I’ll discuss hair myths in another post, so stay tuned. Thank you for sharing your experience with us Melanie.

Be Inspired…