August 12, 2014

Black Hair Myths…

I have lurked around shoulder length all my adult life and just settled for it because black women with hair pass shoulder length, are regarded as being mixed therefore being able to gain longer lengths.  With knowledge from google, vloggers and bloggers there is no need to think that black hair growth is stunt at shoulder.  Here are some of the reasons people think black hair can’t grow long.
Black Hair CAN'T Grow Long
In all honesty I partially believed this because I knew a young lady whose hair was referred to as “pickey” (very short) and remained that length for years. With knowledge I have acquired while being on my healthy hair journey, I now know that anything is possible with a good hair regimen - your hair can grow as long as you desire.  Our hair can grow but we need to protect and take care of our ends, which are the oldest part of our hair which can be prone to breakage if not given the proper care. If our ends are breaking off at the same rate as our hair is growing out of our scalp, our hair will appear like its not growing.
Don’t Wash Your Hair Often
I actually heard this from a very close friend of mine years ago. She said don’t wash your hair too often because it washes out the relaxer. Being naive as I was so young, I was like oh yeah, your hair turns back faster.
FACT: Using a chemical product to process your hair cannot be reverted. The process of relaxing your hair breaks the hair bonds, making your natural hair texture straight permanently.

Trimming Your Hair Makes It Grow Faster
I hear this ALL the time and its so far from the truth it’s not even funny. Trimming your ends (oldest part of your hair) has nothing to do with the hair growing out of your scalp. Your hair will still grow at the normal rate of 1/2inch per month (growth rate can be more or less per person).  Trimming your hair by getting rid of thin ends is beneficial to your hair especially the health and appearance of your ends.

Expensive Products Work Better
Most people go out and buy the top brands and wonder why their hair isn’t improving. Because its more expensive doesn’t mean it will work any better than averagely priced products that do the same thing based on the label.  Firstly, it all depends on what your hair needs at a given time. For example, if you are suffering from protein overload and you buy a product that is filled with loads of protein, you may realize your hair is dryer than normal and starts breaking. Don’t blame the products, assess your hair first and decide what is needed. Secondly, ingredients are key in any and every product. Pay close attention to the ingredients to determine if it’s a must have product. Most reasonably priced items work just as good and in some cases better than the top branded or more popular products.

The Cold Weather Grows Your Hair
This is probably the most ridiculous one I have heard in my life.  I overheard a young lady talking about her friend’s hair length (which was ridiculously long) and another lady joined in and asked where the person was presently living - which was England. The lady that joined the conversation went onto say: the cold weather grows your hair.  I live in the tropics and I know my ladies can represent and shoot down this myth easily. Weather cannot make your hair grow! I find when i'm overseas, I have to mositurize and seal my hair a lot more because my hair dries out much faster.

Products Grow Your Hair
This myth continues to be fuelled and propagated by the marketing team of these products, and I must say they do a very good job of convincing us all until we manage to test the rhetoric. Unfortunately no product can determine our hair growth rate, only our hormones can. Don’t be fooled by the phrases “super grow” or "miracle grow." A good regimen while using the right products specifically suited for the needs of your hair at a given time of its growth cycle, will yield the desired results.

Braids & Weaves Make Your Hair Grow
While it’s great to give your hair a rest from the constant combing or brushing and you seek refuge for your hair with the application of braids and or weaves - this could prove to be more harmful with negative effects than good, especially if they are not installed correctly. Braiding hair too tight can break your hair off - I have seen so many women lose their hair line due to this. So ladies while the application of these types of hair, as well as taking care of your own hair underneath the braids or weaves can be beneficial to your overall haircare: giving your hair a rest, protecting your hair from environmental elements and hair growth - it all needs to be done properly with due care and attention. 

Have you heard of any other hair myths, kindly share?

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  1. Lol never heard of the cold weather growing your hair! That's a new one. Great post, people just need to accept the education. We shouldn't have this statement in our lives anymore black hair CAN grow!!!

  2. I used to believe so many of these but like Yvonne I've not heard of the cold weather myth. It's interesting how these myths are believed to true by so many people considering how much info there is on haircare online! x

  3. It's crazy but I've heard all of these except the cold weather one! Amazing how this information continues to cycle around for years and years!

  4. I remember growing up and hearing that I should stay away from getting water on my hair unless I was washing it, because water would somehow make my hair rotten and fall out. SMH. Live and learn!

  5. my mum told me the cold weather one when I talked about growing hair as long as women in the US or UK.

  6. Never heard of the cold weather either. Heard that summer and sun makes hair and nails grow faster but that is apearently a myth as well :)

  7. I have always heard washing hair often will wash out the relaxer. I believed it for a long time, too. SMH. And the same thing with the trimming of the ends. I'm so glad I started reading and learning for myself when I did. Thanks for sharing this post, Tomi!

  8. Oh how we live and learn!
    Every hair type is different. Its all about finding what works for your and your mane


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