April 26, 2015

NEW VIDEO | Relaxer Results March 2015…

Here is a visual view of what my hair looks like after my relaxer in March 2015. Let me apologize for this late posting and don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube Channel.

Hope you enjoyed the video.

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April 21, 2015

Travel | My Experience on LIAT Airlines…

I saw Liat Airlines offering a special to various Caribbean destinations and I asked my husband if we should jump on that opportunity to see a Caribbean island for our honeymoon and we did. We have been so blessed to travel to America, Canada and Europe together, so a trip to the Caribbean was due. I will not lie if I didn't say, I was nervous about flying on such a small aircraft, the horror stories of not making it to your destination on time, lost of baggage and you name it. There is an acronym for Liat which is, Leave Island Any Time. I have heard so many bad stories that I was prepared to have an extra day as a buffer just in-case no flights were available for the day we wanted to return. Let’s just say that wasn't a necessity.
My flight experience on Liat Airlines

April 19, 2015

OOTD | Easter Sunday Style…

The significance of Easter Sunday shouldn't be taken lightly at all. Christ is risen! I absolutely love this pastel color dress. I don’t wear these soft colors often but this jumped out on me.
My Easter Sunday Outfit

April 15, 2015

My Facial Regimen…

I confess, I never really had a facial regimen. All I used to do, was wash my face with Neutrogena fragrance free facial bar on a daily basis and use a facial scrub when the need arises. When taking off makeup all I used to do was, wash my face with the same Neutrogena facial bar and even though I will still see residue of the makeup, I would just use tissue to wipe off the excess makeup. Yes I know that’s extremely bad and please don’t practice it either. I have been blessed not to suffer from bad breakouts, so I guess I took my skin care for granted. Fast forward to the end of December 2014 when my face started to break out and I started to panic. But at least I knew the cause of the break out. I had been using my makeup brushes for more than 3 times without washing and this broke me out. Please wash your makeup brushes as frequently as you can. I now wash them after using them twice.
The products I use on my face

April 13, 2015

OOTD | Good Friday Style…

I hope everyone had a blessed Easter! I always go to Christ Church Parish Church for worship on Good Friday, which was at 9.30am.
My Good Friday Outfit

April 09, 2015

A Trip To The Salon: My Hair Was Trimmed | Cut…

If you haven’t seen my relaxer prep post, go check it out now here.  I have been holding on to those thin ends for a while now, but I was slowly trimming them off. I finally took the plunge to get my stylist to do a much needed trim by her assessment.
My professional hair trim/cut

April 07, 2015

Relaxer Day Results…

I relaxed my hair myself at 15 1/2 weeks post relaxer with ORS Relaxer in Normal strength and I’m getting better at it every time I do it. My routine hasn't changed from the last time I relaxed my hair seen here.
Relaxer Results: March 2015