April 09, 2015

A Trip To The Salon: My Hair Was Trimmed | Cut…

If you haven’t seen my relaxer prep post, go check it out now here.  I have been holding on to those thin ends for a while now, but I was slowly trimming them off. I finally took the plunge to get my stylist to do a much needed trim by her assessment.
My professional hair trim/cut

I got up early that Saturday morning and flat ironed my hair before heading down to the salon. I was abit worried my hair would be weighed down, since it was relaxed a week ago and I had been putting products on it lightly to keep it moisturized. To my surprise my hair still had body.  Before she started I asked her to show me how much she thought needed trimming before she cut. Unless, you guys wanted to hear me screaming and whining over unnecessary hair loss, due to my silence. After assessing she showed me about 2-3 inches that needed to go and I was fine with it, because that was my estimation based on how my ends looked. I asked some of you guys on twitter how you trim your hair and majority of persons trim via a middle part rather than combing the hair straight back. Based on how my hair looked air-drying, it seems like my hair looks good with the U shape. I remember drooling over Sunshyne from Hairliciousinc hemline, after showing us one of her relaxer results. 
Air dried hair vs Flat ironed trimmed hair
I’m finally proud of my ends and hope to maintain it as much as possible. I hope to see Bra strap length again soon.
Before and after trim/cut
My ponytail is finally drool worthy and I can’t wait to wear my pony more often
Ponytail love - Blow dried, flat ironed and trimmed
Finally here’s my hair going forward in all mediums
My hair trimmed by my stylist
If you’re not a stranger to this blog, you know I love being infront of the camera.
Just having fun with my post trimmed hair
When was the last time you trimmed your hair & How do you trim – Middle part of straight back?

Be inspired...


  1. She didn't take off much so you still have your length yay for healthy ends. I can't wait to do my touch up, I have some ends that need to go also :)

  2. Your ends look great! I love u-shape hemlines!

  3. Your hair looks great! You'll be back to BSL in no time

  4. Your hair looks beautiful, Tomes! It's really grown a lot and looks so healthy

  5. Your hair looks so nice. She did an awesome job with the trim, she didn't go overboard or crazy yet it looks awesome. No more thin looking ends. Enjoy your awesome hair.

  6. Your ends look really great after the trim!

  7. A regular trim makes the hair healthier. The ends of your hair can grow thicker, and end up looking healthier! Amazing, right? Hope to read more helpful posts from you! Cheers!

    Earl White @ Salon241.com

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