August 19, 2014

Finally A Full Wash Day…

I have been mainly co-washing for the last couple of months but doing a full wash days on protein wash days.  This wash day, I had time on my hands and decided to undertake a normal full wash day.
New Growth @ 12 Weeks Post Relaxer
[1]   Detangled my hair with Mane N Tail Detangler sprayed on my roots. I always detangle
       before I start my wash day.  That actually sets the tone of how my hair will end up post 
       wash day.
[2]   I forgot to do my scalp massage and went on to apply coconut oil all over my hair, from 
       root to ends very generously. On the last 5 inches of my hair, I applied Aphogee Keratin            Two Minute Reconstructor  to strengthen my ends. I went under my heat cap for 30mins 
       and rinsed. I could instantly feel my hair stronger and lightly moisturized.

[3]   Shampooed with ORS Creamy Aloe Shampoo to get rid of all of the buildup and rinsed.
[4]   Deep Conditioned with my Queen Helene Cholesterol mixture on dry hair for 35 mins 
       under my heat cap and rinsed.
[5]   Wrapped my hair in a T-shirt for 1 hour. Applied my leave in conditioners of Herbal 
       Essences Split End Protector and sealed with Coconut oil.  Detangling was a breeze.
Serial Bunner
[6]   I decided to air-dry my hair and throw it into a bun and that’s my hair is going to be for this
       work week. I didn't feel the need to sleek down my edges so I added a head band to 
       jazz up my hair.

My hair thoroughly enjoyed this week’s wash day and it wasn't as tiring as I thought.  My hair ended up soft and moisturized.

Do you have a wash day experience to share with us, head over to Savingourstrands  & Justgrowalready to join the link up. See you there!

How was your last wash day?

Be inspired... 


  1. my last wash day was splendid. wud definitely do a post on it soon. lovely blog u have. http://leeznijis.blogspot

  2. Woww ur 12 weeks new growth is amazing Tomes! I also love the bun and headband too :)

  3. Your bun looks so good! Lots of growth, love it!

  4. Lovely pictures as always Tomie x

  5. Your hair is looking so healthy! My wash day is always frustrating dealing with tangles

  6. Cute headband your hairstyle came out great looks so effortless

  7. The bun looks so cute. I cant wait for the time my hair will get there. :)

  8. You're not the only one in a bun rut! They are just sooo freakin easy to do!

    Thanks for sharing your #WashDayExperience chica!

    KLP | SavingOurStrands

  9. The headband is too cute. I keep saying I want to try the mane n tail detangler but keep forgetting to pick it up.

    Tiki | Grow It Girl

  10. love the bun and your hair is laying nice and flat @12 weeks post, nice

  11. That textured shot of your hair at 12 weeks looks so good. So much hair Tomes, good job taking good care of your hair, it definitely is paying off.

    PS - loving your lipstick


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