June 03, 2013

Did My Vitamins Boost My Hair Growth?

To see the progress I made and my thoughts when I first started taking this vitamin for 7 weeks which includes the suggested use, what they claim and the size of the tablet, please (click here)

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::My Assessment::

On April 30, 2013 I increased my dosage from  2 tablets  per day to 3 tablets a day. With that being said I consumed another bottle of water to ensure I was fully hydrated   Now our water in Barbados is filtered enough that we can drink straight from the tap without any additional filtering.  I just refill my bottle and not purchase 3-4 bottles of Zephyrhills daily now that would be madness lol. The suggested amount of water you should drink daily is 8 glasses
of 8oz [64oz], so if I drink 3-4 bottles of Zephyrhills 23.7oz bottles of water, it means I’m consuming between 71.10 oz – 94.80oz of water daily.  Gives myself a pat on the back lol.

::My Hair

Week 8-15:  I only broke out twice over the last 8 weeks and it was minimal to 1 bump each at both times. My water intake was increased to avoid bad breakouts and it worked.  I feel like I’m more than 15 weeks post and I’ll let you see exactly what I mean in the pics below.

::My Skin

Week 8-15: My skin continued to glow from week 7, but like I said before, I can’t give all the credit to this vitamin because I have increased my water intake from January 2013 and water is known to help with improving your skin.

::My Nails

Week 8-15: Again I have a bad habit of biting my nails so even though my nails grew at moderate rate I bite them off just as fast lol


This vitamin really works and I would repurchase. If you are interested in trying this vitamin DO NOT slack off with your water intake because the break-outs will not be nice to your SKIN at all. Now, every product does not react the same way to everyone so even though  I saw great results, your results may vary either to be better or worse than mine, word to the wise.
I started to crush the tablets rather than swallowing them whole because one got lodged in my throat couples weeks ago, which was a very uncomfortable feeling.

I cannot pin point how much growth I got because not all areas of my hair grows at the same rate. I’ll wait until my relaxer to know how much new growth I retained although I suffered really bad breakage in my (last wash day)  and I know a trim is needed since my last trim was Feb 2012. Overall I really like this vitamin and I didn't experience any increase growth in abnormal places.

Here is my hair at 7 &15 weeks post:

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What Vitamins are you taking to boost your hair growth?

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  1. I have been taking GNC Ultra Nourish Hair pretty consistently but I haven't really checked to see if it increased growth. I figure if not, my hair is still getting the nutrients from the vitamins. Crushing is a good idea too, I almost choked on one today. They are large! I really want to see if the bamboo leaf tea makes a big difference, but I have not been drinking it consistently as I should. Will put that in my goals for next month. lol
    Can't wait to find out how much growth you have retained from the vitamins! Keep us posted! :)

  2. I have been taking liquid vitamins but switching to prenatals.I don't feel comfortable with the hair vitamins because of the complaints of break outs.

  3. I take 2 gummy multivitamins and 1 prenatal vitamin (my youngest is nursing). None of these things, I do solely for hair growth purposes. Which is the cool thing about attempting to take care of you. One small change for the better pays it forward in other areas of your life. Woot!


  4. i take amino acid complex supplements and i'm drinking bamboo leaf tea. But i will stop taking the amino pills after finishing my last bottle because i prefer drinking the tea since these pills are so big and like the biotin they make every other hair on your body grows faster, if you know what i mean ;-)

    so for the future i will stick to my bamboo leaf tea. it makes my skin glowing and my new growths softer plus i'm increasing my water intake with it.

  5. 3 capsules a day? Hope it is safe. Been taking prenatals, and recently omega 3 more for my baby than for my hair but i intend to continue taking them till I stop nursing to hopefully reduce post-partum shedding. I haven't totally ruled out taking vitamins for hair though.

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