October 24, 2013

Wash Day with Flexi-Rods…

Don’t you just love a hassle free wash day, well let’s dive into it.

[1  Prepooed with Coconut oil mixed with a couple drops of peppermint oil on my scalp and
       did a scalp massage for 5 mins. Then added KeraPro Restorative Intensive Treatment 
       mixed with Extra Virgin Olive Oil on the length of my hair for 30mins under my heat cap.
[2  Shampooed with a diluted mix of Aussie Moist Shampoo with some drops of
       peppermint oil and followed up with CON Moisture & Shine Shampoo. I can’t wait to 
       get rid of this Aussie shampoo, very disappointing.
[3]   Deep Conditioned with L'Oreal Total Repair 5 Damage-Erasing Balm for 35mins under my 
       heat cap.  First impressions: I was surprised how moisturized my hair felt after rinsing it 
       out because this conditioner didn’t sink into my strands, so far so good.
[4  Wrapped my hair in a t-shirt for 30mins to absorb the excess water
[5  Applied my leave in conditioner's of Aphogee Keratin & Green Tea Restructurizer, 
       Herbal Essences Split End Protector (ends only), Aussie Moist Conditioner and Coconut 
       Oil to my hair and detangled really easy although I’m 5weeks post.
[6  Let my hair air dry, then applied Jamaican Black Castor Oil on my scalp and moisturized 
       my hair with Elasta QP Olive Oil & Mango Butter and sealed with Hot Six Oil.

Since I was going out to dinner with one of my closest girlfriends I decided to have some curls and decided to do a pony tail with flexi-rods on the ends as well as 4 flexi-rods at the front of my hair. Since I had already moisturized and sealed I just sprayed my ends with water and rolled the hair unto the rods with end wrap papers on the ends. To see what I wore out to dinner click here.

Please click on image to enlarge

I pulled out the hair carefully without distorting the curls and here are the results.

Please click on image to enlarge
After dinner my curls had dropped but I figured that would have happened since I didn’t use a setting lotion or any other holding product to ensure the curl remained the same.

Please click on image to enlarge
How was your last wash day?

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  1. The curls you got from the flexi rods are gorgeous! They still look great after dropping a little. My main problem with flexi rods is I can't get the style to hold for very long! x

    1. I need to invest in a setting lotion or some form of holding product, which may do the trick and the curls last longer

  2. Oh those curls are too cute! My flexi-rods have become play toys for my kiddies. I'm afraid that by the time that I find all of them they'll have jelly and glitter all over them. Ha-ha!

    KLP @ SavingOurStrands

  3. very cute style! i am absolutely in love with flexi-rods :)

  4. Cute and quick, I'll probably copy this look at some point!

  5. I love the flexi rod curls you got! Very pretty.

    I have get to use flexi rods. I need to get on with that.

  6. Oohh, I never heard of Loreals Erasing Balm! I need to check that out! Most of the other things I use, so I can see our hair may agree with some of the same products!

    Thanks for sharing doll!!


  7. Cute and quick, it looks gorgeous!


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