August 11, 2016

Long Lost Wash Day…

Why are summers so busy? My life has been extremely hectic over the last couple of weeks but my hair has been getting the attention it needs.  Take a look at my hair during one of my recent wash days.

This is my hair after shampooing  and deep conditioning.

My hair air-drying at 90%

My hair air-drying at 100%. I'm learning to embrace the thickness.

What’s your favorite method to dry your hair?


  1. I feel like I can already see length coming back. It's looking healthy!

  2. I love to air dry my hair during the winter, but I use a hair dryer on cool during the winter. The hair looks so healthy already.

  3. Your hair looks good!

    I wish I could air dry my hair, but it doesn't like it. When I air dry it doesn't hold any moisture and feels very dry. So I use a blow dryer on cool or cold shot.

  4. My hair gets so big and puffy when I air dry my hair loose, so I usually air dry mostly with a t-shirt and then protectively style my hair damp.


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