February 15, 2016

Relaxer Day Results…

I relaxed my hair at 16 weeks post relaxer with ORS Lye Relaxer in Normal strength. My routine hasn't changed from how I prep my hair for relaxer day and how it actually goes as seen here.
Relaxer Results: Post Trim

1]   I started at the top right hand corner and worked myself around my entire head in 21 mins. I 
      spent 15mins for application and 6 mins smoothing out the relaxer with my fingers. I don’t 
      relax my hair bone straight so I didn't use a comb to smoothen out the hair.
2]   I hopped into the shower and rinsed my hair thoroughly. I get alil paranoid while rinsing out 
      the relaxer because I don’t want over processed hair aka fried/limp hair.
3]   Applied Aphogee 2 min Reconstructor for 2 mins and rinsed to add back some strength.
4]   Shampooed with ORS Creamy Aloe Shampoo 3 times and rinsed.
Relaxer Results: Freshly Relaxed
5]   Deep conditioned with ORS Replenshing conditioner, as I sat under my hooder dryer for 
      30mins. This has been my go to deep conditioner for my relaxer touch up and I love how my
      hair feels afterwards. It’s the right mix of strength and moisture for my hair.
6]   Rinsed & I dyed my hair again. I used Adore in the color Crimson & I sat under my hooded 
      dryer for 25mins and rinsed. Crimson was the same color I used when I dyed my hair with 
      Kiss hair dye. I followed up with Aussie Moist Conditioner to add back some softness to my
      hair, remove the excess dye and mask some of the smell. 
7]   Rinsed and wrapped my hair in a T-shirt for 30mins.
8]   My leave-in conditioners were Crème of Nature Strength & Shine and alittle Aussie Moist 
      Conditioner and sealed with Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. Once my hair was 90% dry I decided 
      to sit under my hooded dryer to dry my roots which were still damp on warm temperature. I 
      followed up and blow dried my roots because the hooded dryer was taking too long.
Relaxer Results: Airdrying
The following day, I flat ironed my hair. I sprayed my hair with Tresemme Tamer spray which is a heat protectant. I learned my lesson from last time so I didn't use any oil prior to flat ironing. I did one pass on majority of my hair and two passes on my crown since that’s the thickest part of my hair.  I added some coconut oil once I was finish.  My hair wasn't bone straight as I could still see the texture in my hair, which was fine by me.
 Relaxer Results: Pre-trimmed Ponytail
Since my previous stretch really affected my ends and I barely trimmed any of my ends, I wasn't happy with my ends this time.  I trimmed off 1inch all around my hair not just my hempline. Stay tuned for my length check post which is now live here.
 Relaxer Results: Pre trimmed hair
Overall the health of my hair improved and my ends are back on track. I still have about 4 inches of completely bone straight ends that I plan to trim off an inch or two after every relaxer touch up until its all gone.  Who doesn't enjoy their freshly relaxed flat ironed hair? I was really feeling my hair and my color. 

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Did you relaxed your hair recently?


  1. Love your results, so full of texture!


  2. Your hair is still looking very healthy Tomi, and I like the red colour :-) What caused your ends to experience breakage?

    1. Not deep conditioning regularly, protein treatments were non existent, moisturizing and sealing didn't happen. That was from my stretch from June to October.

  3. Love your results and the colour. Relaxer days are always so exciting


  4. Wow! I can't believe you are getting close to fully texlaxed. Beautiful results, Tomi!

  5. Your hair looks great! Can't wait to see the length check.

  6. You already know I love this hair color on you, your hair looks great! Glad it's back on track

  7. Love your hair Tomes, and the details of you posts are awesome!! You hair looks so full!

  8. Your hair is growing so beautifully! Love it! :)

  9. Your hair looks great, Tomes. It makes me want to relax my hair. Stretching is annoying sometimes and right now I wish I had a lot less new growth, lol. But great results and your hair is getting longer despite the trim.

    1. You will be rejoicing with all of that new growth on relaxer day.

  10. Your hair looks good & the colour is lovely


  11. Your hair looks great would love to see the length check. I can understand about the thin ends as I recently texlaxed and had to chop off my ends as well. But we will get better this year with our ends😊.

  12. I am impressed that you do your relaxers at home. I have never done that! I love blunt choppy ends. I am fighting for length, but I am not afraid to chop if I have to.


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