August 22, 2013

Hair Product Haul & Hair Accessories

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I fell in love with the Aussie Moist Conditioner (review here) and decided to stock up on it since I haven’t seen it here in Barbados. Due to how awesome the conditioner was I decided to get my mom pick up the Aussie Moist Shampoo as well. Now this shampoo has sulfates but I’m hoping the shampoo is just as great as the conditioner. I used the shampoo for the first time last weekend and my first impression is, ummm it's alil stripping on my hair but I’ll use it more first before I give a full review.

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I have been eyeing the Neutrogena Triple Moisture Deep Recovery Hair Mask for some time now and got a friend to bring it in but, its available in Supercentre here in Barbados.  I want to try this deep into my stretch now to see if it moisturizes my new growth and also when I have a fresh relaxer next month. My other brother purchased the KeraPRO Restorative Intensive Treatment from Sally’s Beauty Supply when they had their sale back in December but I only collected them when I went to visit recently. I can see your eyebrow raised, please take it down lol (If you read my review).  Check out my review here and I think its an awesome product but……

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The Tropic Isle Jamaican Black Castor Oil has been a part of my regimen for some time now and due to the unavailability of this brand in Barbados prior to June 2013, I decided to stock up on an extra one even though I bought one in April 2013.  Its now available in the 4 oz only in CS Pharmacy for $28.50BDS if any Barbadians want to try it.  I’m looking forward to wearing these clips when I have my hair down after my relaxer.

*The Aussie Moist line is available in Emerald City Supermarket, Six Roads, St Phillip*

Have you tried any of these products before & What have you purchased recently?

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  1. I really need to try the aussie moist like, I am currenly on the aussie miracle line, I thought of getting there shampoo but saw it had sulphates in as well, so holding back for now. But I have stocked up on a few other goodies, tea rinses (ginger, rosemary and burdock root), and herbal essence conditioners!
    Looking forward to read your reviews!

    1. I am a big an of Herbal Essences and your tea range looks awesome!

  2. Love the KeraPro Restorative Intensive Treatment. My hair was so soft and Moisturized.


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