February 05, 2014

Girlfriends Expo @ Barbados Concorde Experience…

Girlfriends Expo is an annual event which has been in existence for the past 5years. For the last two years it has been held at the Barbados Concorde Experience.  British Airways Concorde 
G-BOAE or Alpha Echo is a legendary aircraft which has a stunning combination of advanced engineering and elegant beauty.  It can travel twice the speed of sound, some 1380 m.p.h or 23 miles per minute. This is faster than a riffle bullet. It normally takes 8 hours from Barbados to England but the Concorde would have gotten you there in 4 hours, pretty awesome right. G-BOAE has made Barbados its final home when all the fleet were retired in 2003, but was opened on April 16, 2007 in Barbados. Take a look at what it looks like:

Inside of British Airways Concorde G-BOAE

Girlfriends expo is an event catered to females and entrepreneurs to show case what their 
businesses has to offer which gives them exposure. The price for the event was $20.00BDS ($15.00BDS in advance).  There were a range of businesses but I’ll mention the ones that stuck out to me the most, or should I say the one that had the most attractive booths.

Some of the booths at Girlfriend Expo 2014
From the time I walked in I saw [1]  Italia Coffee House where I love their kids frescante *yum yum* then [2] Sierka Rental Supplies & Event Planning – As their slogan says” You just have to think of dream event…. We’ll do the rest” explains pretty much that they offer everything from planning to executing your event. [3] MakeupDoll Cosmetics were offering make overs and selling some of the products they offer such as lip shockers. [4] Colour Coded booth was very professional designed and the staff were friendly. They offer makeup services for any event such as bridal. [5] Move 2 More gym had a pole fitness display which was magnificent. Sometime in the not too distant future I would like to take a class. [6] Dark and Lovely was the only hair product booth there and what attracted me to the booth was Karl Richmond who is a certified Hair Trichologist and he was conducting scalp test so you know I patiently waited on him (I will discuss my experience which I managed to record for you guys in my next post). [7]  Wedding Dreams by Renaissance was decorated beautifully and was happy to answer and questions with a friendly face. [8] Jolie Beauty & Cosmetics  - they offer makeup services. [9] Sagicor General Insurance & Insurance Corporation of Barbados (ICB) was set up to provide any insurance needs that anyone may have wanted. [10] Jet Blue Airways:They were offering a raffle where you spend $20 for a chance to win a flight to any of the destinations they fly too. [11] Studio Studio was offering a free Facebook photo or you could have made purchases of the photos taken. You guys know I love pictures to I hopped infront of the camera and started to pose. The photo will not be released on Facebook till February 8, 2014, be sure to follow me on Instagram to get a glimpse of that photo there.

There was the opportunity to tour the Concorde and Dionne & I jumped at the opportunity because I haven’t seen what the inside looks like but Dionne has.  We were allowed to take pictures so check us out below:

The last booth we went to was the Wow Photo booth where we took 3 photos in different goofy items, which were printed and given to us instantly. The price was $10.00BDS and the look on our faces was worth every penny. I always have a great time with Dionne no doubt as she is my ride or die chick. We've known each other for 18 years so it was nice to go to a “girly” event.

Dionne & I @ Girlfriend Expo 2014
My thoughts on the entire event: I think it was well laid out however, at some points it felt over crowed due to the amount of patrons compared to the space allotted for walking. I literally passed through every booth in 20mins and was wondering what else is left to do.  I was expecting interactions with the crowd for “girl” type things but that was a no show.  For example relationships talks not only about females but of the opposite sex as well, bonding activities, conflict resolution, fun activities. Perhaps my expectations were too high because I was left totally confused about the concept of the expo.  The most exciting thing was the Wow photo booth and the pole fitness from Move 2 More.  One of the booths that stood out to me was the one that was offering 11+ classes and when we asked what’s the price of the classes the young lady simply gave us a card telling us to call the person on the card. Seriously why are you there if you can’t offer any information.  Most of the booths were giving out flyers and business cards, only a few booths actually had things to give away to patrons. Dark & Lovely were more than generous with their samples and I can’t wait to try out these new items.

Goodies from Dark & Lovely booth 
I’m not sure if I’ll return because I’m torn but I hope there will be more exciting activities and booths in the future. Outside of everything else I thought it was a good event to bring females together. Don't forget to check out all of these businesses on Facebook for additional information.


  1. This looks like such a fun event to attend!

    And you look so fabulous. Love your lip color and your hair!

  2. You look gorgeous! Looks like you had a ball!


    Cheryl K

  3. This looks like so much fun and you look fabulous, I love everything about your outfit and your hair looks fabulous.


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