April 08, 2014

My Hair Curl Pattern…

Different Hair Types
I am currently 11 weeks post relaxer and having left some texture on the top half of my hair, I can see my true hair texture.  Its extremely tight coiled which makes some pretty waves once slicked down with some gel. I’ll say 4A, Take a look and tell me what you think:

My hair type looks like 4a
What texture type is your hair?

Be Inspired…


  1. Hey Hun. Hmm....My hair texture looks like yours for sure. I think a 4a might just be right. I'll know for sure soon. I said I'm gonna go oh naturale for by BIG 40. I've got some time tho! Hope all is well. Stay fabulous! xo

    1. I'm really excited to hear that. Looking forward to seeing your journey.

  2. Definitely 4A! Similiar to mine. Good luck with your stretch.


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