January 22, 2016

Style | Maroon Midriff BodyCon Dress…

Just before approaching the age of 30 my fashion sense started to change rapidly.  Since I’m short [or should I say average height] I used to gravitate towards dresses or skirts that were an inch above my knee because it looked awkward otherwise.  During my teenage years, if your school uniform was below your knee, you felt or got called 'grandma' because it made you look old.  Fast forward to my preferred choice which is to lean toward skirts and dresses that fall right below my knee. Cover up those knees girl! I honestly think its looks extremely classy now. 

Even though this midriff dress is slightly longer than my comfort zone and I had to think about it for a minute before deciding to buy it, it has grown on me and I love it.

I purchased this midriff dress from Ardene here in my city and it fits like a glove which is the look I was going for.

We have been having a pretty mild winter so far but I don’t leave home without jacket.  This is a wool/cashmere jacket that I wear formally or for corporate events. I picked this up from Vegas back in 2010. I think its time for an upgrade.

For years I was never into jewelry, I just wear a simple necklace or sometimes not depending on how much of my neck line was exposed.  I’m still not a jewelry fan but I tend to lean towards a statement necklace and simple earrings. Its my go to look now.  Pearls are always a classic looks that’s why I chose them for this particular outfit.

I was going to wear heels but opted for wedges to keep it simple. This was my look for our first wedding anniversary. Have a great weekend! For a similar look, you can pick it up below:


What is your preferred length of skirts or dresses?


  1. This is such a beautiful dress. I think the length is perfect. I am not a big jewelry fan either, but some necklaces just catch my attention, like the one you are wearing. Happy weekend!

  2. I also think that dresses below the knee are classy! I love your dress. I prefer knee length or long dresses, I'm tall do anything in between doesn't look right

  3. This dress looks great on you Tomes! I am also short, but I still love dresses above my knees, lol!


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