April 21, 2016

My 24hr Flat Twist & Curl On Relaxed Hair…

My new growth is a lot more than I’m used to at this stage of my relaxer stretch. To minimize breakage and single strands knots,  I stretch my new growth to solve those issues.  I decided to give flat twist out another try, you can see my 1st attempt here.

Mane n Tail detangler plays a major role on my new growth to make detangling a smoother process and don’t forget to apply oil in your palms to reduce the friction between your hand and hair.

Deep conditioned with Queen Helene Cholesterol and my hair never felt soooooo good.
My choice to set my flat twist out was my moisturizing mix, Crème of Nature Moisture and Shine leave in, coconut oil, Crème of Nature Shine Foaming Mousse and Aloe vera gel.

Flat twisting my hair was a lot more difficult than I expected especially the back of my head so I ended up twisting in another direction which didn't quite turn out how I expected.

My hair remained in the twist for 24 hours before I unraveled it. For some reason I thought I had perm rods but I couldn't find any and ended up using my smallest flexi-rods.  I really liked how my flat twist out turned out, it  was  better than I expected and I could really see the difference in twisting in the right direction.  Unfortunately my camera wasn't capturing my hair like real life. 

My new growth is definitely stretched and my single strand knots reduced by more than 90%.  Let’s talk about why my twist out only lasted 24 hours.  I don’t think I used enough gel and that’s why the definition did not last. I sectioned my hair too thin which lacked definition.  Even though I pinned my hair up, it just didn't look the same or as fluffy and nice as the first day.  I ended up throwing my hair into a bun after the 2nd day because my hair looked like a big ball of hot mess.

Will I try flat twist out again? Of course I will in the not too distant future. I can't remember when last i did a braidout either. I want to try another one before the end of this stretch.

Have you tried flat twist out & what’s your secret to great definition?


  1. Gorgeous Tomes. I love your hair colour x

  2. I think it looks good, even though it did not last. I think it is the perfect hairstyle for two-textured hair too.

  3. Lovely style! I am still struggling to do flat twists.

  4. Love the curls, would have also liked to see how your bun looked.


    1. It was a hot mess lol, thanks Tonkabelle.

  5. Your curls look great Tomi,! The bun must have been very nice and fluffy! The last time I tried flat twist I realised that the twists need to be firmly held as you do the flat twist to get the best defined curls.

  6. Love your flat twist! I still haven't tried flat twists on my hair yet, thanks for the idea!

  7. LOL at big ball of a hot mess, that's how I feel when I try these twist out things. I must not be using the right technique because it looks so good on some people. Maybe I need to grow my hair back first then try that stuff.

  8. Great way to blend textures even if it didn't last. I live in a humid climate so styles never last. I'm good if they last for an event or the day. Anything beyond that is gravy.

    Jay | RelaxedThairapy.com


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