April 27, 2016

Pink Lips for Spring…

Spring is such a beautiful season where the flowers start blooming, the grass is greener and the weather is warmer.  Last week, we experienced summer weather as it went up to 27 degrees. Back to reality now because the weather is mid teens this week.  I’m bringing out all of my bright lipsticks and pink is one of my favorite colors. Its so girly and cute. I confess I have tons of pink shades lipsticks. I’ll show you my collection soon.
This fuchsia is a very soft pink which is so playful an girly.  It glides on very smoothly and you get full coverage after 2-3 swipes. Its very moisturizing and I can’t put my hand on the smell but its nice and soft.

Although it stains your lip. It easily comes off with eating and drinking.  I’m really excited to pull out all of my bright lipsticks this spring and summer.  A bright lipstick can turn a frown upsided down and put a smile on your face.

My favorite pink shade is a deep fuchsia but I like mixing things up and this light fuchsia is perfect. FYI this flat twist out was created like this.
 What’s your favorite Pink shade Lipstick?


  1. I love the color on you. I am more of a purple girl.

  2. Gorgeous color on you. I like fuchsia and pale pinks on my lips.

  3. Beautiful lip colour, it looks lovely on you x

  4. I love anything by MAC. I have several pinks although I'm terrible at remembering the names. Pink Poodle maybe? I really should get up and go check my makeup bag but....well, I refuse to say I'm having a lazy moment.

    Jay | RelaxedThairapy.com

    1. MAC lipsticks are the bomb but some of these drug store are coming up too


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