May 23, 2016

My Love & Hate Relationship With Curly Hairstyles…

There are various ways you can achieve curly hairstyles: with Flexirods, Bantu Knots, Rollers, Perm Rods, Twist out or Braid Out.  I have done all of these methods and my favorite method is Flexirods. I’m still yet to master Bantu Knot out. I absolutely love curly hairstyles but at some point I hate them.

Why I Love Curly Hairstyles
  • They are so girly and super cute. 
  • You can go from flat limp hair to voluminous hair which adds spunk to your face.
  • You can create these styles with or without heat.
  • Hairstyles can last up to 5 days frizz free.
  • Curly Hairstyles are low manipulation.

Why I Hate Curly Hairstyles
  • Depending on how effective your deep conditioning & leave in conditioners were, prior to applying your curly hairstyles, your ends could become dry after 24 hours. We all know dry ends equals breakage. I’m not trying to look cute and end up with breakage.
  • If your particular about keeping your curls intact, moisturizing and sealing my be off your radar to prolong your curls definition.  This leads to dry hair which equals breakage.
  • If you didn’t detangle your hair properly prior to installing the curly hairstyle, detangling before your wash day could be a nightmare which equals breakage.
  • I can’t keep my fingers out of my hair. I’m forever pulling at a particular curl or twirling a particular curl. Too much manipulation can also lead to breakage.
  • If the curly hairstyle isn’t installed properly you cud end up with awkward length of hair. I prefer my curly hairstyles that ends on my shoulder because I wore my hair in a bob for so long.  Ear length curly hairstyles always look weird on me.

While rocking curly hairstyles are super cute, if the products and techniques used were incorrect, your hair may end up damaged.  No one is perfect that’s why my hair is mainly in buns.  My biggest issue with curly hairstyles is I can’t keep my hands out of my hair. Will I stop wearing curly hairstyles? Of course not, but i'll make sure I keep my ends moisturized.
What are your pro’s and con’s about rocking curly hairstyles?


  1. I use to hate wearing curly styles because my hair would get frizzy and dry. Things are turning around for me now. I use a perm rod on the end and seal with a heavy oil and that helps for whatever reason.

    Jay |

    1. I definitely remember using a thicker oil, thanks Jay!

  2. When I use to relax my hair I loved wearing my hair curly but hating the result of dry ends. To try to beat it I would always have to use a heavy oil and rub in my ends.

    1. I will try EVOO next time, thanks Faith.

  3. I do hate when I'm wearing a curly style and my hair starts to feel dry. Adding moisturizer immediately ruins it. The struggle! LOL

    1. Andrea i know you can totally relate to the struggle.

  4. I have not mastered the Bantu knots either, Tomi! My hair tends to get puffed out when I do any curly hairstyle. But I think I will try what Jay said.


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