June 06, 2016

Relaxer Day Results | Length Check…

Length check is one of the most anticipating aspect of relaxing your hair after stretching a relaxer for months at a time.  Who doesn’t want to see the progress you have made or not over the past couple of months? It also gives you an idea if your regimen was working or not.  Truth be told I skipped a couple of weeks of deep conditioning with heat and that's important for me. I also used my hooded dryer for quite some time, mainly to dry my roots because I catch a cold very easily if my scalp is wet for excessive long periods. 

The pic above was taken post trim and my ends and hair felt and looked better in my ponytail state.  A week before my relaxer I evened out my ends and  cut more of my hair post relaxer.

 I opted to use the Feye method to trim my hair plus my hair still has the round shape from my professional trim done last April and this method keeps that shape.

I pulled the scrunchies downwards to get a better understanding of how much I wanted to trim. After trimming off an just over an inch of my ends, I pulled each section of my hair in a horizontal direction and trimmed to even out my ends. That’s how my stylist trimmed my hair back in April.

After trimming this is what my hair looks like.  I can’t explain it but even after trimming that much my hair looked the very same length as my pre trim length (scroll up and see) which is nothing but crazy. 

The importance of consistency is key in a healthy hair journey. I slacked not because I wanted too but because I took for granted all of my efforts. I need a professional trim to set me back on track like I was last April.

All hairs grows so I don’t have a problem letting go 3-4 inches and starting fresh again. Its called a journey not a race. I’m content with my hair and looking forward to the changes I’ll be making for the summer.

When was your last trim|cut?


  1. I love your length and grow of your hair..I hope to get my trim in July!! :)



    1. Thanks Ursula, looking forward to seeing your results.

  2. You retained a lot but the ends could simply be tired old soldiers Lol.

  3. You took such good care of your hair, Tomes. I trim every time I wash my hair if necessary. If the ends are straight looking, I cut them. I cannot wait to see your results after trimming.

  4. Your hair looks great, Tomi! Your care and consistency is definitely paying off!

  5. Your hair looks awesome and I am loving the color. I am all about cutting see through thin end too. I love nice thick ends. Keep up the good work Tomes, you will be MBL before we know it

  6. Your hair looks great! Love the length and the color.

  7. Love your results after trimming and thanks for sharing your method.


  8. Your hair still looks healthy and strong.


  9. Amazing results, Tomi! Looks so long, shiny and healthy! Love it!

  10. Amazing results, Tomi! Looks so long, shiny and healthy! Love it!

  11. I can't remember when I last trimmed my hair, but your hair is looking good!

  12. Love the color and your hair looks good and has gotten much thicker.


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