June 24, 2016

Twist Crown Braid on Relaxed hair…

As much as I love my buns, I need to create hair styles that wouldn't cause any tension in my head.  My buns are usually very loose secured in a scrunchie. I have tried twist crown braids in the past and most of the time it was an epic fail. I gave it a try one more time and loved the results.

These are the steps I took to achieve this twist crown braid
  1. Part my hair from ear to ear
  2. Comb my hair in the direction of the braid
  3. Grabbed the hair from the left corner and started twisting all around my head
  4. Once I got to the end of my hair, I secured it with 2 bobbi pins

Note: If I was deeper into my stretch and wanted laid edges I would have applied some gel to my edges for that sleek look.  For a fuller look, you could slacken the twist after securing your ends.

Have your tried Twist Crown Braid?


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