March 19, 2013

Easy Breezy Wash Day…

Prior to my Hair Journey. I hated my wash days but now I look forward to giving my hair some well deserved TLC.  Technically this weekend passed would have been my relaxer day prior to my Hair Journey and I can’t believe why I made soooo much fuss to relax my hair every 6-7 weeks because my new growth is so manageable although my coils are kicking up, Knowledge is Power. After my last wash day where my hair was saved by my DC I decided to approach this wash day differently and add more moisture from the beginning. I ALWAYS detangle my hair before I start my wash day, and I part my hair in four sections.  My entire wash day process is done in these four sections (2 at the front & 2 at the back)

Pre-poo with EVCO & EVOO mixed together in an applicator bottle on my scalp and (CON Intensive Conditioning Treatmenton the length of my hair for 35 mins under my heat cap. I love how this conditioner gives my hair so much slip. After rinsing, my hair was instantly moisturized, very silky, soft and tangle free.

Shampoo with (CON Argan Oil Moisture & Shine Shampoo) [two lathers] and rinse

Apply (Aphogee Keratin 2 Minute Reconstructor) on my hair for 5 mins without heat. As I stated in my last wash day after applying this product to my hair, it didn’t respond as it should, but this week was a complete turnaround. As I rinsed my hair it was immediately soft and silky as per usual

I used my (Queen Helene Cholestrol) mixed with EVOO, EVCO,JBCO, Jojoba Oil, 5 drops of Peppermint Oil, 5 drops of (Roux Correction Conditioner) [I usually mixed a big bowl to last 3-4 weeks and I store it in the fridge], for 45 mins under my heat cap. I have been using this Deep Conditioner since the start of my Hair Journey and my mixture is the lol. My hair felt sooo good rinsing this out, it was soft, moisturized and I could feel my scalp tingling from the peppermint. So far so good, as my hair has been soft and moisturized from the beginning until now

I wrapped my hair in a t-shirt for 30 mins to absorb the excess water

Normally, I air dry with my hair parted down the middle and let it hang down but I decided to try the traditional scarf method as seen below for 30 mins

Please click image to enlarge

My edges were extremely flat and a sleek bun would have been perfect to do now. But I ended up with a headache and not sure if it was from the tightness of the scarf around my head or the fact I had not eaten yet for the day (it was 10 am). Perhaps I should try it on a full stomach next time.

This is where doing the scarf method was a waste of time because once my hair was dry I parted my hair back in four sections to oil my scalp with JBCO and moisturize with (Elasta QP Olive Oil & Mango Butterand seal with (Hot Six Oil) The flatness disappeared but not completely.

I was feeling really lazy but wanted to try out some cute, yet fun protective styles. First I tried the Twisted Crown Updo from (Ebony's Tutorial @ Longing4Lengthand it was a total fail. I just couldn’t get the last part sit flat as my hand felt awkward twisting the left side of my hair by my left ear and it didn’t look decent enough for work (I started at my left ear to end back there).  I ended up throwing my hair in a French braid/Inside Cornrow and although it wasn’t perfect, I thought it was good enough for work this week.

To see my French Braid/Inside Cornrow, check it out on my Hairstyles Page (Click Here)  

Were you happy with your last wash day?

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  1. Love the French Braid!

  2. Damn, this french braid looks so perfect.
    How long will you leave your hair in that style? And how will you m&s your hair?

    1. Thanks you but i really need to perfect it.
      Depending on how i sleep, this style can last me the whole week (Mon-Fri).
      I have a moisturizing spray that i made and i spray it all over my hair especially the braid. I apply my Elasta QP Olive Oil & Mango Butter and seal with Hot Six Oil on all my edges right up to the braid and the ends of the braid as well...HTH


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