November 26, 2013

NEW VIDEO | Natural Bun & Sock Bun…

I have been getting alot of questions about  how I achieve my buns so I decided visual was better and I did a video to show you guys.  I usually rock a natural bun to work and casual outings.  However, when I want more volume with my buns, I add a sock for more uniformed and large look. 

Take a look of how I do my buns in the video:

From the pictures below the two top pics almost look identical but you can tell that the sock bun is more defined.

Please click on the image to enlarge
Which do you prefer to rock a Natural Bun or Sock Bun?

Be Inspired…


  1. I'm really lazy now and never use my sock anymore but it's great for adding volume and getting a more uniform bun. Love the video x

  2. I like to use a sock (or donut) for my buns. It's easier, more secure and I think mine looks natural.

  3. Great tutorials....nice! :-)

  4. Your buns always look so sleek. Love it!


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