December 12, 2013

Co-Wash Day @ 12 Weeks Post...

Last weekend wash day went okay but I’m seeing a lot more single strand knots (SKK) as of recently. I used Elasta QP Intense conditioner and it left my hair tangled and less moisturized from my prepoo which was Aussie Moist Conditioner.  This has been the 2nd time that I have used it and I’m not impressed one bit. I’m not ready to throw in the towel yet as you guys know I don’t like wasting money so I’ll try a few more concoctions with it before I give my final verdict.

Today my hair really needed that extra boost of moisture and since I’m on vacation I did a quick co-wash.

Please click on image to enlarge
[1]   I Deep Conditioned on dry hair with my  Queen Helene Cholesterol concoction and sat 

       under my hooded dryer for 45mins , then went to do chores before I washed it out an
       hour later.
[2]   Rinsed and applied Aussie Moist Conditioner to cleanse my scalp and rinsed. Wrapped
       my hair in a t-shirt for an hour to absorb the excess water.
[3]   My New growth is no joke so I took out my Mane n’ Tail detangler and sprayed my entire
       roots, then applied my leave in conditioners of Aussie Moist conditioner, Herbal Essences
       Split End Protector and coconut oil over that.

Please click on image to enlarge
That detangler is the business because detangling took me 10mins.  I’m currently Airdrying and will throw my hair into a bun once it’s dry. I always oil my scalp with Jamaican Black Castor Oil.

My hair feels so soft and moisturized, I’m not sure how long my stretch will last because today was a good co-wash day without any issues but last weekend wasn’t.

How many weeks post relaxer are you and How was your last wash day?

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  1. I'm about a year and a half relaxer-free. I use Wen hair care. I use the cleansing conditioner, Styling Creme, and apply texture balm after it's styled.

  2. You have so much new growth, that's awesome! Single strand knots are the worst, hate them :/

  3. I'm currently 20 weeks post and I had a wash day y/day. It was an awesome one. (I have a post coming soon about it.) I love that detangler very much too. Strangely enough I haven't used it in a while, guess that's a good thing tho, it means it wasn't really needed.

    Abbi of

  4. Your New Growth is looking very healthy! Keep up the good work.

  5. SSKs fear co-washing! I love this simple moisturizing wash day!

    KLP @ SavingOurStrands

  6. I just got my hair done 2 days ago and I am loving it. Jamaican Black Castor Oil is the bomb diggity.

    You are doing good, 12 weeks post, keep up the good work

  7. I should look into getting a detangler it takes me forever to detangle my hair! What brand coconut oil do you use?

    1. Mane n Tail literally melts those tangles away. I use one that I bought from a supermarket here called Glorious Belize Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

  8. I'm 4 weeks post relaxer and my last wash day went well. I pre-pooed, shampooed, did a tea rinse, and DCed with a protein conditioner.

    Your comments about the Mane and Tail Detangler makes me want to look into detanglers. I've never used one, but if you got through 12 weeks of NG in 10 minutes, I need to know more! Great post, Tomes!

  9. Woooooooooooooow.....ur new growth looks amazing!! I will try Queen Helene Cholesterol soon..hope my hair likes it!!


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