December 23, 2013

OOTD: End Of Year Office Christmas Lunch..

The beautiful Miss Dre over at  So She Writes nominated me for a Liebster Award so please check out her questions and my responses as I updated the post on the award here*

Our annual Christmas luncheon for work was held at the Radisson Hotel for 12.30pm.  Unfortunately we still had to turn up for work from 8:00am- 12:00pm, yup it sucks but we live right.  The hotel was beautifully laid out and the room we were in was decorated nicely as well. 

The food was fantastic, and ranged from rice and peas, macaroni pie, garlic potatoes, jug jug (Barbadian dish), baked chicken, mahi mahi (fish), turkey, ham, stem vegetables, sweet potato salad, Caesar salad as the main course. We started off with a bowl of soup and finished up with mini’s cheese cake, chocolate cake, apple pie, great cake (Barbadian type of cake) for desert.

My plate looks confusing but I guarantee you, I tasted everything on the menu with loads of 
ham. Anybody else looks forward to having ham the most at Christmas *raises hand*. I only decided to have a mini cheese cake and mini chocolate cake because I was stuffed from all of that meat.

Take a look at what I wore. I know Christmas is about green and red, so I decided to paint my toes red and on my lips Mac Ruby Woo to be paired with my green top, black skirt and I figured the hotel would have been cold so I wore a black cardigan to keep warm and still look classy.

It shouldn't be a surprise to you guys of how much I love taking pictures and posing for them. I truly believe in capturing the moment whenever I can.

How are your preparations for Christmas going?


  1. Lovely pictures dear, Merry Christmas!

    1. Merry Christmas to you and your family Tonkabelle!

  2. You look fabulous!

    At my old job that is how we had our Christmas party. We worked until noon and then had our Christmas "party." I didn't mind too much because I love free food, lol.

    And now I must go and eat!

  3. I agree with Faith! You look gorgeous! Happy New Year sis!

    1. Thanks Age! Missed you and have a blessed 2014.


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