April 16, 2014

Simple Wash Day…

[1]   Scalp massage with Extra Virgin Olive Oil with (warmed) for 4mins. Applied EVOO to
       the rest my hair for 30mins with heat.

[2]   I let my hair cool for 3mins and applied this mixture seen above on top of the oil applied.            My aim was to have a balanced deep conditioner as oppose to just moisture or protein.              Went under my heat cap for 45mins.  I hair felt so moisturized but yet strong which was 
       the effect I was going for.

[3]   Wrapped my hair in a T-shirt for 1hour to dry. Once my hair was 80% dry I sprayed all of 
       my roots with Mane n Tail detangler. Then applied my leave in conditioner of Aussie Moist 

       Conditioner, Herbal Essences Split End Protector and sealed with Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  
       I gently detangled with minimum breakage.

I’m currently 12weeks post and my new growth is really popping up. Once my hair was dry I did two braids pony tails and that’s my hair style for this week. Relax I was just kidding. This is a hairstyle for home only lol. Look at how poofy my roots are.

[4]   The following day I oiled my scalp with Jamaican Black Castor Oil and moisturized my hair
        with Elasta QP Olive Oil & Mango Butter and sealed with Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

This week hairstyle is a simple yet, half messy faux bob. 
Faux Bob
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  1. Loving the faux bun! Wish I wasn't so styled challenged!

    p.s. those braids are cute!


  2. You have gorgeous skin Tomi! Do people think that you've chopped your hair every time that you wear a faux bob?

    Thanks for sharing your #washdayexperience chica!

    KLP | SavingOurStrands

    1. Thanks KLP! Some people do but people that know me, know better lol

  3. Your style for the week looks gorgeous!. What do you mix in your conditioner?


    1. All the products shown above is what was included in my deep conditioner for this week. I normally adds oils and Roux Correction conditioner to boost some of my deep conditioners.

  4. Very nice, did you flat iron or straighten your hair before you created the style for the week?

    1. Thanks Southern Girl, I don't even own a flat iron lol, weird right. That was done on air dried hair and i'm 12 weeks post relaxer.


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