February 22, 2016

How I Dye My Relaxed Hair…

I remember the days, I loved dyeing my hair black because I thought black hair ‘looked healthy’ and now black is the furthest color on my mind. Also the color black doesn’t mean your hair is healthy. Knowledge is power.

The Process of Dyeing My Relaxed Hair
1]   I always deep condition my hair with heat. After rinsing my hair, I let it airdry for 10mins.
2]   I applied Vaseline on my edges to minimize transferring dye onto my skin.
3]   I put on gloves because I’m not walking around with red hands, that’s just not cute.
4    I poured the Adore dye into a container and applied with a brush. My hair isn't dipping wet but damp
      before I applied the dye so it can absorb into my strands.

With my hair still in the same 4 sections prior to washing my hair, I applied the dye to my new growth first. Even though I try to avoid it, my scalp always gets dye on it.  Don’t panic. It can be easily removed with shampoo or conditioner because its irritating to scratch your scalp and your nails are filled with the color of dye *argh*

Once my new growth has been covered I applied the rest of the dye to the length of my hair.  If I used to dye my hair more frequent than 16 weeks, it wouldn’t be necessary to dye over the length of my hair because the color would still be vibrant.  I dye over the length because my color is faded after 4 months.
Vaseline on my forehead shining through
Pin up my hair and cover it with plastic wrap or a shower cap.
I sat under my hooded dryer for 30mins, cool off and rinsed.

Applied Aussie moist conditioner on my scalp and length of my hair.  I used this opportunity to rub my scalp to remove majority of the dye that stained my scalp. I can’t see the back of my head so if dye gets on my neck or skin it can be easily removed with a wash cloth and soap while showering. The Vaseline acts as a great barrier to protect your skin from being stained from the dye.  That’s alil tip I learned. I remember the days when my edges were stained and I need to wait until wash day to get rid of it, now that’s no more.
No Stained Scalp or Edges
This is the process I always use to dye my relaxed hair. If you want to know how I maintain my relaxed hair with the dye see this post here. 
My hair in Natural Light
Even though my hair is most vibrant in the sun,  its also very visible in natural or fluorescent light.  I did notice that the last 3 inches of my ends are the most vibrant which are my bone straight ends as opposed to my texlaxed hair. I absolutely love my colored hair!

 Do you Dye your hair and what color dye do you desire?


  1. I love the red coloring for your hair...I am planning to do some highlights for Spring/Summer at my fave salon that does my relaxer!



  2. I bet there are at least 100 ways we can use Vaseline. I love the color, Tomes! You look cute.

  3. The colour looks good on your hair.


  4. Absolutely love this colour on you. Am toying on trying the honey brown one.

    1. Go for it Yvonne, stop worry about what if's and just do.

  5. Great post Tomes. I love your hair colour <3 x

  6. I have never dyed my hair, but you make it look easier than I thought. Would love to dye my hair brown one day.


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