April 17, 2014

Technique Thursday | Basics of Bunning...

It’s no secret that I opt to do buns first before any other protective style especially for work.  They are so neat and classy. They can be worn on almost all angles of your head. You can have a side bun, middle bun, high bun, low bun and the list goes on with how creative you can get. Feel free to add a side twist or braid to add some character to your face.

If you haven’t seen it yet check out how I do my buns below:

All of my buns aren’t always neat but they don’t have to be perfect. You will be surprise how well a style might turn out when its alil messy.

Take a look at the many ways I wear my buns.
Head over to Relaxed Thairapy and join the link up with us today showing us some of your hair and beauty technique’s.

Relaxed Thairapy
Where do you like wearing your buns?

Be inspired…


  1. So shiny and goregous. Love the buns x

  2. I absolutely LOVE donut buns!!

  3. OMG.....Girl when I had long hair I was the queen of buns. Looovvee them. Your buns are so neat and perfect. Happy Easter!

  4. Your buns are gorg! As mentioned, they are very shiny. I really love how neat they look. I never can do two buns the same but I tend to wear mine in the middle. Thanks for linking up!!! :0)

  5. Buns are very classy agreed!

  6. Love all your buns especially the donut bun! might do that, I haven't done that in a while!

  7. I love your buns! they always look so good!


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