March 23, 2015

My Hair Lately…

I have skipped a couple of wash days because I haven’t been doing much to my hair.  My weekly regimen hasn't changed and my style of choice has been flexi-rods and buns. While bunning,  I used the tension method to stretch my new growth with a blow dryer. The tension method is simply stretching your new growth with your hand and blow drying your hair so it dries in that stretched state.  The tension method does a great job in stretching my new growth but the process could be tedious and overwhelming. If you’re strapped for time do not attempt this because, you could get frustrated and impatient which will lead to you mis-managing your hair, which ends up breakage. Flexi-rods is another great method to stretch your new growth.
Flexi-rods as my go to style

I posted this  pic on my Instagram a couple weeks ago.
Sleek edges and low bun
 I put my hair in a low bun after smoothing out my edges.
Flexi-rods @ 14 weeks post relaxer
 I love the versatility of doing flexi-rods.

Have you tried any new hair styles recently?

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