November 23, 2015

What's New In My Hair Product Stash…

I love trying new products but I haven’t done that in a long time.  Upon browsing Sally’s, I noticed there was a sale on various products and since I like the Crème of Nature line I picked up items I have never used before.  My old faithful Queen Helene was slightly cheaper so I purchased 2 of them to stock up.

What I Bought:

I can’t wait to use the styling mouse for braid outs, twist outs and flexi-rods. I plan to use the CON Moisture Extreme Conditioner as a prepoo (pre-shampoo treatment) and a Deep Conditioner to see which one is the most effective for my hair. I bought the Garnier Fortifying shampoo since I ran out of the ORS Aloe Creamy Shampoo and so far I like it.  Its no secret that I love Queen Helene Cholesterol Hair Conditioning Cream as my moisturizing Deep Conditioner.

Have you used these products or purchased new products recently?

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  1. My hair used to love that cholesterol deep conditioner when I was relaxed. Now it makes my hair feeling hard. Me and my protein issues, right? great haul doll!

  2. You picked up some goodies. The Creme of Nature products look similar to what my mom used to use forever ago; but I can't quit remember. Can't wait to find out how you like them!

  3. I did a haul recently but I still need to pick up about 4 more products.

  4. I have used Queen Helen before in my college days, and I have tried my sister's Garnier Shampoo and it pretty good!! I will be doing Empties this Monday so look out for my makeup/skincare/haircare products!! This will be my second empties post!


  5. what a good product selection you have,I wish for this too.


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