January 10, 2016

5 Fruits for Glowing Skin & Hair…

Let me be the first to admit fruits wasn’t my favorite item to eat growing up or even if I had the option I would opt out of it.  Fast forward to today and its one of the first things I reach to eat to get my day started. I usually stick to the basic of an apple a day keeps the doctor away but of recently I started incorporating other fruits.

Why Eating Fruits Improves Our Skin & Hair Health

I have been trying different variations of fruits for maximum benefits.  I tend to lean towards having atleast an Apple a day which research shows that it contains copper and Vitamin C which will leave your skin youthful. Who doesn’t want to be 70years old and have gorgeous skin looking like a 45 year old *raises hand, okay I exaggerated abit*.  For our hair, research has also shown that since apples contains procyanidin B-2 our hair will be longer and healthier. Again who doesn't want long beautiful healthy hair *raises hand*.

Orange is another fruit I try to have on a daily basis as well.  It’s a rich source of Vitamin C which is great for our immune system especially for this winter season, we need all the Vitamin C we can get to avoid catching a cold or flu. Vitamin C, folic acid and vitamin B are great for hair growth.   Due to the citric acid content, research shows it can help fight acne by eliminating toxins in the body.  Who doesn’t love a fresh face without pimples, I know I sure do.

Strawberries has been a recent addition to my fruit family and the benefits are marvelous. Its rich in Vitamin C which helps repairs our skin and heal wounds. Research has shown that it helps control aging sign by using it as a face mask mixed with honey and milk cream. I need to give this a try but its difficult to give up eating my juicy strawberries for my face.  Strawberries promotes shiny and silky hair and who doesn’t love running their hand through silky hair.

Kiwi’s is not a favorite but I include them occasionally in my fruit selection.  Kiwi’s has a rich source of vitamin C and E which keeps the skin soft and moist.  It helps removes waste and toxin which ends up with clearer skin.  Kiwi is rich in iron and mineral which helps nourish the hair and strengthen the hair from the roots. Its also helps reduces hair fall.  These are some great nutrients from this fruit.

Grapes is another favorite fruit of mine that can be easily popped into my mouth instead of prepping and cutting it up like other fruits seen above.  Grapes are rich with Vitamin C and Vitamin E.  Its filled with anti-oxidants which cleanses the skin to get rid of impurities  which leaves you with fresh and glowing skin. The anti-oxidant in grapes promotes hair growth which leaves us with shiny hair.

After doing research there are a few factors that kept repeating itself with my fruit selection which has amazing benefits for hair and skin.

  • They help remove toxins and waste from our body
  • They are rich in Vitamin C and Vitamin E
  • They encourage anti-aging
  • They help reduce acne
  • They promote healthy shiny hair
  • They help control hair loss

Sometimes I give myself a treat by pulling out my nutri ninja and blending these wonderful fruits together for a great smoothie.  Don't forget what we input into our bodies determines what shows on the outside.

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What are your favorite fruits?


  1. Great post! I'll be eating kiwis more now. Thanks for the info!

  2. Great post and love good tasting grapes, apples, and oranges esp if they are conventional or organic! They just taste better and make you want to eat more of it!



  3. These fruits do have great benefits. I love grapes.

  4. Great post! Apples and grapes are my favorite on your plate. A fruit a day keeps the doctor away


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