February 02, 2016

How I’ve Been Wearing My Hair Lately…

Once I get deep into my stretch, I like to see my edges laid because its looks neat and professional.  I always spray my moisturizing mix on my edges before apply aloe vera gel on my edges.  I opted not to brush my new growth, since the line of demarcation is so fragile but to use my hands to smoothen out my hair.  I was extremely surprised by the amount of new growth which you can see by the clear distinction between my colored hair and new growth.

I’m really over this stretch and can’t wait to prep my hair for my relaxer this weekend. When I look into the mirror the color in my hair isn't as pronounce as it is here taken with a flash at night.  It crazy how bright it looks in this picture. I will be dyeing my hair during this touch up with the same color to keep it alive.

I have been a serial bunner for a while now and plan to remain that way to keep my ends protected before I relax my hair.  No pronounce color in these pictures below, so you see what I mean. The color seems to show up when it feels like, if that makes sense.

During this stretch I deep conditioned weekly but towards the end I have been experiencing some breakage in my crown area which is why I started using my #1 tip to help curb that breakage during my detangling sessions. On another note I'm loving this nude lip combo which comprises of Jordana lip liner in coco with Mac Badgirl Riri on top.

Have you tried any new hairstyles recently?


  1. Loving the buns and the lips... I am so tempted to try colour in my hair.... Great post x

  2. You definitely have a lot of new growth, I am like you I have been bunning so much these days as I should be ready for a touch up any day now.


  3. Love the bun, your hairline doesn't show signs of retouching.


  4. Cannot believe it is time for a relaxer already! I love the hair color anyway!!

  5. Lovely hair color.


  6. The color really does pop in the top picture. You've got a lot of new growth. I can't wait for your relaxer results.


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