September 16, 2016

Relaxer Day Results…

Can we take a moment to recognize the best month of the year? Ok I’m being biased since today is my birthday and my birth month. I’m so grateful and feeling so blessed to be able to celebrate yet another year of life, filled with love and happiness.  I see life so much differently since I turned 30 and just embracing what life has to offer.  God has been really good to me. Forgive me for getting alittle carried away. Let’s get into my relaxer results.

Hair Prep

Detangled my hair very carefully with Mane n Tail detangler. Made parts of 1 inch in each of section of my hair.  Twisted my hair. Greased my scalp with Vaseline. Applied Extra virgin Olive Oil to my relaxed hair and new growth. I apply Vaseline to my palms very generously before I apply the relaxer. I find it easier to get through my hair bare hands than with gloves. Make sure you don’t have cuts in your hand if not the burn will be real.

Relaxer Touchup
[1]   I applied the ORS relaxer in Normal to my new growth only. Application and smoothing 
        took 23mins and another 2 mins to unravel my twists and get into the shower
[2]   I hopped into the shower and rinsed my hair thoroughly.
[3]   Applied Aphogee 2 min reconstructor for 2 mins and rinsed to add back some strength.
[4]   Shampooed with ORS CreamyAloe Shampoo 3 times and rinsed.
Freshly Relaxed Hair
[5]   Deep conditioned with ORS Replenshing Pak for 30mins. I just love using this product 
       on relaxer day, my hair feels so silky when rinsing my hair
[6]   I skipped dyeing my hair this time around and I honestly miss the vibrant color when I started capturing my hair on camera.
90% dry
[7]   Rinsed and wrapped my hair in a T-shirt for 30mins.
[8]   My leave-in conditioners were Crème of Nature Strength & Shine, my moisturizing mix and sealed with Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. I air-dried completely.
Geting Ready to flat Iron My Hair
The following week, I flat ironed my hair. I sprayed my hair with Tressemme Tamer spray which is a heat protectant. I did one pass on majority of my hair and two passes on my crown since that’s the thickest part of my hair. 

The entire process went smoothly and my ends seems to still be on track, which I’m extremely happy about. I have been wrapping my hair daily to maintain my hair straight.  I plan to wear my hair straight for 2-3 weeks depending on if my scalp is screaming to be washed. Flat ironing my hair only happens once every 12-16 weeks so I try to enjoy it as much as possible.

I’m currently working on comparison pics, so look out for my length check post in a few days. Btw I’m sorry for disappearing for so long but I hope to be a lot more consistent this fall.

 Have you relaxed your hair recently?


  1. Happy Birthday!!! Your hair is looking good!

  2. Happy birthday!! Nice results.

  3. Work those selfies!! Your hair is looking full and healthy.

  4. Your hair turned out so lovely! And your ends are still looking blunt! Winning! #relaxedhair

  5. Hope you had fun on your birthday. Your hair is coming along well. I'd advice you don't colour again so that if you slack, the damage won't be serious.

    1. Thanks Abena, I revisit coloring in the future but not now.

  6. Happy birthday Tomi! I'm loving your results looking awesome. Did you trim again?

  7. Happy birthday doll! It's good to get carried away. I am sure you don't do it often. Talking about yourself, I mean. I like the results. I can see length already. And this lipstick looks so good on you.

  8. Great relaxer results. And Happy birthday!!! Bless you.

  9. Getting a haircut was the absolute best idea for you. Your hair is looking amazing and thick and lush. You will be back to BSL in on time


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