February 10, 2013

Hair Ramble

I came home from work and took off my jacket and with a tank top on, I looked in the mirror and saw my hair in my back and said to myself “when did this happen,” I immediately called my bf and said “babe you need to come over and see my hair, it looks longer.” I started jumping up and down while swinging my head left, right and all around. Since my relaxer, I have only applied 2 drops of oil all over my hair every day since it was weighed down with the double amount of serum applied. Now I know the true length and body of my hair. Below in photos, I have shown the comparison in lengths of my hair as detailed in the above text, between Saturday and Tuesday. For another look at this comparison, you can also check out my Facebook pic that I posted last week (Click Here)

Please click image to enlarge 

Since the launch of my blog I have been asked a lot of questions from my friends and
some readers, about a host of different interesting topics,  and I thought I’ll address them in future post.  

Here are some of the questions I have been asked to discuss:

1)      What is stretching, why, how do I stretch?
2)      How I determine what products to use and why?
3)      What lessons I have learnt on my journey so far?
4)      How are my wash days and how long does it take? [Discussed - 08/03/2013 (Click Here)]
5)      Is being on a Hair Journey expensive?

Be inspired 

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