July 14, 2013

Natural Hair Feature - Spotlight: Jodi's Hair Journey...

I was browsing through my Facebook news feed one day and saw an old school mate post a picture of his wife’s hair and I was in total amazement. I immediately sent him a private message to politely ask if his wife will be so kind to be featured on Tomes Edition to share her story with you guys and she graciously accepted. This TRESemme Naturals Nourishing Moisture Conditioner  is one of her favorite products

::Let me introduce today’s highlight Jodi:: 

1)      How long have you been Natural?
         Jodi: I have been Natural for all of my life.

2)      How long have you been on your Healthy Hair Journey and what made you start?
         Jodi: In total have been on my Healthy Hair Journey for about 6 years now.  
         The journey started in my second year of University.  I was experiencing a lot 
         of breakage and hair loss to the point where it was scary and I was contemplating
         cutting it all off.  I did not know what to do so I started to research  and 
         stumbled across protein treatments.  That started my experiments with applying 
         egg, mayonnaise and pear [Advocado]to my hair. 

3)      Since the start of your journey what’s the most important thing you have learned thus 
         far? Would you change anything if you could?
         Jodi: The most important thing I have learnt is that my hair is not ‘stress’, ‘difficult’ 
         or ‘hard to manage’.  It’s about what I do to my hair/ how I treat it. I’m still learning
         how to manage it but one thing I always try to be with my hair is gentle.  If I could I 
         would prevent all split ends and skip postpartum shedding.

4)      What is your regimen?
         Jodi: My regimen is really simple but as the mother of young children 
          it does not always go to plan Before I wash I usually pre-poo with Coconut Oil,
         Olive Oil or a mixture of both.  I separate my hair into 4-6 sections, finger detangle 
         and then comb each section of my hair with a wide tooth comb. Next, I co-wash with 
         TRESemme Naturals Nourishing Moisture Conditioner   
         I wash my hair in the sections to prevent it from getting tangled and wrap my head in 
         a T-shirt when I am finished .  I use a shirt and not a towel because the towel is fluffy
        and hair can get trapped and pulled and break  in the fibers.  I then apply my leave in 
        conditioner and oils or my own mixture of Shea Butter, Glycerin and Oils.  I do 
        chunky twists and I am set for the week.  I ‘tie-down my hair at night and I moisturize
        and do an up-do in the morning.

5)      What is your current length and how long did it take you to get there?
         Jodi: The front of my hair reaches to bra strap length and the back reaches to 
         almost waist length.  When I started my journey it was probably to
         Shoulder/ Upperback.  I have noticed the most growth within the last 3 years

6)      What are your favorite products and why?
         Jodi: I love Coconut Oil because my hair loves it – it makes my hair really soft.
          Giovanni Direct Leave-In Conditioner– its light and absorbs well,
        TRESemme Naturals Nourishing Moisture Conditioner – helps with detangling, makes
        my hair soft and it smells nice. 
        Carol's Daughter Black Vanilla Moisture & Shine Sulfate-free Shampoo  because 
        it does not strip my hair (and it smells nice). Aside from products water, water, water – 
        when I wash my hair it seems to get new life 

7)      Your progress is amazing, what’s the secret to your retention?
         Jodi: Being gentle and moisturizing.  By gentle I mean 1. the way I handle my 
         hair – I only use wide tooth combs and I section my hair before combing, I also 
         avoid tight styles and accessories that can damage my hair (ruffles with the metal
         bands or elastic that is sticky) 2. The products I use – nothing with Sodium Lauryl 
         Sulfate or Petroleum based products.

8)      What are your favorite hairstyles?
         Jodi: I absolutely love chunky twists.  I also like up do's and twist outs.

9)      What has been the hardest part of your Natural Hair Journey and have you 
         experienced any setbacks?
         Jodi: I struggle with split ends and breakage.  Finding the right moisture balance 
         is not easy for me and  postpartum shedding has taken a toll on my edges.

10)    Describe your hair in 3 words?
         Jodi: My hair is ‘springy’, versatile and big 

11)    Do you use heat? If Yes how often?
         Jodi: I rarely use heat. I stopped blow drying years ago, even before I was on my 
         hair journey.  I just don’t like the feeling.  The last time I pressed my hair was 
         almost three years ago.

12)    Have you ever used growth aids and do you still do?
         Jodi: I've never tried growth aids.

13)    Do you have a length goal and when do you expect to reach that goal?
         Jodi: I would like my hair to hang to waist length when in its shrunken state.  I am
         quite a way from this goal as my hair is a few inches from waist length when it is 
         stretched.  If I get the moisture balance right and reduce/stop the breakage I think I 
         can get there by the end of 2014.

14)      What tips or advice can you offer to other natural ladies who want to maintain or start 
           a healthy hair journey?
           Jodi: Love the hair that grows out of your head.  Treat it gently.  Be patient, 
           growth takes time. Moisturize consistently.

I was literally drooling over Jodi’s tresses; it’s so beautiful, thick and healthy.  Her regimen is so simple and her hair is thriving tremendously.  I hope you guys enjoyed meeting Jodi.


  1. She truly has a fabulous head of hair, so thick and lush.

  2. My mouth dropped literally! Her hair is just gorgeous!

  3. beautiful and thick head of hair.

  4. Her hair looks so healthy tick and strong

  5. Her.Hair.Is.AMAZING! *taking notes* Thank you for this interview! Very inspiring!

  6. Tomes, you know how much I LOOOVED this post! Finally using a laptop instead of ipad so this comment should stick I hope. As a fellow natural I really appreciate this feature. Do you know if Jodi has high or low porosity?

    1. I get Giovanni products from Natures discount, TreSemme Naturals Conditioner from Super Centre. I get oils from a variety of places, Jenns, Pharmacies; I get raw Shea butter from a lady at church.

      I would describe my hair as high porosity -it just sucks up moisture and gets dry quickly. I hope this helps.


  7. Ok thanks alot. My hair is lo-po so I have the opp problem. Product just sits on my hair so trying to use more heat.

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