August 18, 2013

Product Review: Aussie Moist Conditioner...

Aussie Moist Conditioner
::Price:: 13.5oz / 29.2oz – $2.97CAD / $5.37CAD (Purchased at Amazon)
They Promise:

Don’t cry over the dry! When your hair cries out for softness, moist conditioner will help heal the hurt. You’ll be so moved by the moisturization, there won’t be a dry hair on your head.

Suggested Use:

Work into damp hair. Rinse it clean and be on your way.


Water/Eau, Stearyl Alcohol, Cetyl Alcohol, Stearamidopropyl Dimethylamine, Fragrance/Parfum, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract, Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil, 

Ecklonia Radiata Extract,  Bis-Aminopropyl Dimethicone, Benzyl Alcohol, EDTA,  Glutamic Acid, Methylchloroisothia-zolinone, Methylisothiazolinone.

How I Used This Product:

[2]   Leave in Conditioner
[3]   Deep Conditioned with heat
[4]   Prepoo mixed Extra Virgin Olive Oil with heat

The Assessment:
  • I bought this product accidentally because I was looking for a cheapie conditioner to co-wash with, while I was on holiday and couldn't find V05, so the next best thing I saw in the price range I was willing to spend was the Aussie Moist Conditioner. It's a very moisturizing product that has excellent slip for detangling. The first time I used Aussie Moist Conditioner I was totally blown away with how soft and silky my hair felt while rinsing it out. Why didn't I find you in my life before lol.

  • It smells amazing like a cold glass of Pina Colada which isn't over powering because you guys know I can’t stand strong smells.  The consistency of the product is creamy, not too thick or running, but in-between.

  • The big bottle comes with a pump which is a plus because of the easy accessibility to use it. 

As a Co-wash Conditioner this product is amazing, my hair was left so silky
As a Deep Conditioner with heat this product was blah on my hair
As a Leave-in Conditioner this product left my hair soft and moisturized
As a prepoo, it left my hair silky and soft

Overall I really like this Conditioner for everything except as a Deep Conditioner because my hair wasn't as moisturized as it usually is from my other DC’s. The price is unbeatable.
Take a look at the ingredients and you will notice there are silicone's and alcohols *cringe* but not all silicone's and alcohol are bad for the hair. Let’s dive further into some of these ingredients:

Bis-Aminopropyl Dimethicone – Is ranked as a high performance conditioning polymer which provides deep conditioning, provides conditioning to areas of particularly damaged hair, protect from thermal damage, increase color retention, resist build up, impart gloss and shine.

Stearyl Alcohol & Cetyl Alcohol – Are considered fatty alcohols not drying like ethanol or propanol. They are derived from fats or oils such as coconut oil. They are responsible for the creamy look of conditioners. Cetyl leaves deposits on the hair but a clarifying or chelating shampoo can get rid of the deposits.

Benzyl Alcohol – It’s often used as a preservative and doesn't impact the texture of feel of your hair.

Unfortunately I haven’t seen this product in Barbados whether it be in beauty supply stores or supermarkets, if anyone has seen it here in Barbados please let me know, really appreciate it.

Have you used the Aussie Moist Conditioner & what are your thoughts on it?

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  1. Hey Tomi! Showing some BLM love! I love the Aussie Moist conditioner! It's my go-to for co-washes and especially after shampoo cleanses. I've been using it for almost three years now.

    1. Thanks Courtney, really appreciate it! That's awesome we both like it.

  2. I just left Walmart and took a look at the Aussie Moist, but didn't pick it up. Still trying to reduce my stash. I've read a few other reviews on this and your just topped the cake. Once I get rid of a few more items, I'm planning to try this one out. I loved how you broke down the different uses and which worked best. Great review!

  3. this is a very great and detailed review !
    Sadly I cant get this aussie product in my country.they sells other aussie stuffs here but not that specific one.

    1. Thanks Bebe, I hope the product is available soon in your area!

  4. Great review! Am a lover of Aussie products, will be trying this product soon!

  5. Sounds like a good product, your review makes me really want to try it.

    1. Give it a try and let me know how you like it!

  6. I really WANTED to like it because of the awesome price, but sadly my hair just wasn't having it because of the cones. Great review!

    1. Yup the price is unbeatable and sorry it didn't work for you!

  7. This used to be one of my staples! My relaxed hair loves it. My relaxed ends and 4 inches of new growth don't love it so much. But it's still my backup to my V05 Strawberries and Cream. Good review!

  8. I have not tried this one. I may pick it up for a co-wash one day.

  9. HI! It used to be in Cherish on Swan Street but for about a whole year now they only have the shampoo. I NEED this. Did you find it anywhere else? Thanks.

    1. Emerald City only carried the shampoo when last I checked but feel free to check out that source as well.


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