October 30, 2014

HOTD: My Favorite New Hairstyle…

After experiencing my twist-out flop hairstyle, I needed something to save my hair. While playing in my hair I started to twist and roll and realized this could be a possible hairstyle to save the day.  From an old twist out, I just did a twist on both sides of my hair very loosely and tucked my ends on the inside. To secure the roll better, I used 3 bobbi pins.
Old Flat Twist Out, tuck and roll

Benefits of this hairstyle. [1] My hair is off my shoulders. [2] My ends are hidden and protected. [3] My ends are moisturized for longer periods since tucked away so neatly. [4] It’s simple and can be done in less than 5 mins. [5]  I can sleep very comfortable without worrying about flattening my bun or curls.
Day 2 Hairstyle
The following day, all I do is mist my hair with water and apply coconut oil over that, tie down my hair for 30mins while I get ready for work and viola my hair is set for the day.  To be honest I have tried this hairstyle on straight hair before and attempted to braid my hair all around and it was an epic fail.  The twist out made it much easier.

What your favorite hairstyle lately?

Be inspired…


  1. This is so cute on you. I've tried a similar style, but just couldnt get it to look right on me. Maybe I'll give it another try.

  2. Love it, will definitely be giving this style a try x

  3. Oh yes, love. Simple & classy.

  4. Cute! You are going to make me want to grow my hair back!

  5. Thanks you ladies. Do it @ Natasha

  6. I have been rocking a similar hairstyle to work, too. I love it on you. The best part is that you can undo it, moisturize, seal, then twist, tuck, and roll again.

  7. That is so pretty ... that is how I wear my hair during the week but with twists!


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